Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Welcome to all visitors,

My name is Brock Otten. I've been interested in hockey prospects for quite some time, and have always enjoyed watching the CHL, specifically the Ontario Hockey League. I got into writing for a leading hockey prospect website called Hockeysfuture for a little while and that was a great experience. I still post on the message boards there and enjoy spreading my knowledge of the game and its players. I intend to use this blog to update visitors about prospects playing in the OHL, as this is the league I'm able to follow and watch. I currently live in the Niagara area so a lot of the action I get to see comes from Niagara Ice Dog games and thus a lot of my observations are made from watching opposing teams play the Dogs. I'm by no means an expert, but simply someone who hopes to inform some people looking for information or scouting reports on their NHL teams prospects that they may not get to see as much as they'd like. I'll also try to update the blog with information on players eligible for the upcoming NHL drafts.

Anyway enough ranting about my intentions, I hope you enjoy and visit often!

Brock Otten


Kris Baker said...

Awesome. Looks like I need to add a link to the Circle of Trust.

Not an OHL guy, but I just got back watching Pacioretty score his first goal against Hershey. He'll be a good one once he gets used to playing games during the week (snicker).

Anyways, looking forward to reading.

Brock Otten said...

Thanks Kris, much appreciated.

Pacioretty definitely sounds like a good one based on what I've heard. Sounds like he'll be in a Habs sweater sooner rather than later.