Friday, June 15, 2018

Final Media/Scout Poll for the 2018 NHL Draft

The NHL draft is now only a few weeks away, so it's time to conclude our yearly media/scout poll.

For comparison's sake, here are the preliminary (from November) and the midseason (from February) consensus lists.

Preliminary List
Midseason List

It's always interesting to note some of the major changes/trends from the beginning of the year to the end. Ryan McLeod and Ryan Merkley are the two most notable "fallers" from the beginning of the year. Both started the season in the consensus top 3 from the OHL, but now find themselves ranked 8th and 9th (respectively). Meanwhile, Rasmus Sandin has seen himself rise from 10th, to 8th, to the top 5 as scouts have grown to appreciate his mistake free game. Additionally, Liam Foudy is a massive riser, as he climbs into the top 10 after not receiving a single vote in the preliminary or midseason polls.

At this point, the number of OHL players taken in the first round remains a total mystery. I could see as many as 9, or as little as 5 going on the first day. And, as always, the depth is strong which should see the OHL with close to, or over 40 players taken.

As always, it's important to note the contributors, as without them and their terrific insight, this article does not exist. For the final list, the following helped out:

Corey Pronman - NHL Prospects Writer for TheAthletic (@coreypronman)
Dominic Tiano - Writer for The OHL Writers (@dominictiano)
Dylan Galloway - OHL Scout for Future Considerations (@dylangalloway_)
Peter Kneulman - Provides OHL coverage at OHL Writer (@PeterKneulman)
Mike Morreale - Staff writer for (@mikemorrealeNHL)
Ryan Kennedy - Associate Senior Writer for The Hockey News(@THNRyanKennedy)

Peter Harling - Managing Editor of Dobber Prospects (@pharling)

Scott Wheeler - NHL Prospects Writer for TheAthletic (@scottcwheeler)
Steve Kournianos - Founder of The Draft Analyst(@TheDraftAnalyst
Mark Scheig - OHL writer for The Hockey Writers (@THWMark)

Tony Ambrogio - PA Announcer for the Mississauga Steelheads & TSN editor (@Tony_Ambrogio)
Chris Peters - NHL Prospects Writer for ESPN (@chrismpeters)
Grant McCagg - President of Recrutes Hockey (@grantmccagg)
Steve Clark - Play by play voice of the Niagara IceDogs (@ClarkPlaybyPlay  
Mark Seidel - Scouting Director for NACS Hockey (@MarkSeidel) 
Cam Robinson - Writer/Scout for Dobber Prospects (@CrazyJoeDavola3)

Two Anonymous OHL Scouts 
and of course...myself (@BrockOtten   

Here's the List:

1. Andrei Svechnikov - Forward - Barrie Colts
Total Votes: 19 Votes
High/Low Ranking: 1st (19x)
"It’s pretty easy to stand well above your peers when you have one of the most prolific goal-scoring seasons by an OHL draft-eligible in the last few decades. Svechnikov was on pace to score 50 goals – at even strength! But there’s a lot more to his game beyond finishing, as he’s proven to be a creative playmaker and an effective penalty killer. On top of that, the kid is flat-out nasty to play against and uses his strength to mash opponents." - Steve Kournianos 

"There was no secret about Svechnikov’s offensive game before he first stepped onto an OHL ice surface. He’s been called in many hockey circles “the best pure goal scorer since Alex Ovechkin was drafted.”  Putting up numbers as he did during the season, despite missing two months of action, well it’s no wonder he has been tagged with that title. What was a secret entering the season was just how accomplished a two-way game he plays. It’s not perfect, and there is work to be done but for as accomplished he is offensively, it has been quite the pleasant surprise to see him put the effort on the defensive side. All the tools are NHL ready. That’s where he will be next season." - Dominic Tiano

"Svechnikov had a fantastic OHL rookie campaign, especially after returning from a hand injury he sustained earlier this season. I think he's the one Canadian Hockey League player who can step into an NHL lineup right now. He's big, has a powerful shot, and knows when to drop the shoulder and turn it on. He also has a lot of skill for a 6-foot-2, 188-pound winger, and is really good along the half-wall on the power play." - Mike Morreale

"No player in this class can do as much damage quickly as Svechnikov can. He doesn’t need the puck to make plays, and can burn teams by getting into open space and effortlessly finishing a pass in one touch – from a standstill or in motion. When you can score and shoot with the ease that he does, you’re destined for success. He’s the clear top prospect in the OHL and it’s not all that close." - Anonymous

"I still think that he is going to have the most successful NHL career, and that is saying something given that Rasmus Dahlin is in the draft. He's big, aggressive, plays on the edge, has terrific instincts on the ice, a heavy shot and a quick release. Plus, you are drawn to him whenever he is on the ice.  He's that talented. He'll score over 30 in his first year and would not surprise me if he hits 40." - Stephen Clark

2. Evan Bouchard - Defense - London Knights
Total Votes: 19
High/Low Ranking: 2nd (15x)/5th (1x)
"I have been a fan since I saw him skate his first OHL shift 3 seasons ago. You could tell then he would be a player. He should have been named OHL defenceman of the year, considering how young the Knights were (after trade deadline) and that he put the team on his shoulders and carried them the rest of the season. Right shot defencemen like him don’t come around often. He has an ability, with calmness, to draw in forecheckers and then beat them with tape-to-tape stretch passes. On the powerplay, he is deadly with his shot, or he can make perfect passes. Big minute eating defenceman who can stay on for multiple minutes and leave the ice without huffing and puffing. I once timed him with 42:01 TOI, in a 60-minute regulation game." - Dominic Tiano

"The progress that the Knights coaching staff made with Evan Bouchard from his OHL draft eligible season is tremendous. They tamed him as a riverboat gambler style of defender who was quite erratic into a two-way defender who can now say decision making is one of his strengths. Few defenders in this draft class can execute a stretch pass as well as Bouchard and don't mistake his efficient, calm style of play as disinterested because this kid relishes being the go-to guy on the Knights. He isn't getting the love he deserves." - Anomymous

"Skating and defense was a concern when he entered the OHL and it'll be the same thing in the NHL. He has high skilled puck handling ability and an NHL shot. He can contribute at the next level but using his size in his own zone and improving his skating will be the difference between he becomes a good offensive defenseman and one that is a perennial all-star." - Anonymous

"A strong puck-moving defender who took on all the tough minutes on a depleted Knights’ squad. Runs the power play with precision, uses his big shot with impunity and finds a way onto the score sheet most nights. Has great vision to go along with a bomb of a shot. Needs to quicken his feet and his pace as he transitions up." - Cam Robinson

"Took a huge jump forward this year and showed a tremendous amount of poise with and without the puck. Excellent vision allows him to pass himself out of trouble and put up points in the offensive end. At times he lacks urgency but that will come." - Mark Seidel

3. Barrett Hayton - Forward - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
Total Votes: 19
High/Low Ranking: 3rd (11x)/7th (1x)
"Quite possibly the best all-around player in the draft class. Everything Hayton does, he does with a relentless work ethic. He’ll chase down the opposition in all three zones and creates turnovers almost at will. He has excellent vision and knows where he should be on the ice and how to get there. I think some in the hockey industry were expecting greater offensive numbers from Hayton, but he wasn’t always put in the top offensive situations with the Greyhounds depth. He has the skill set to be a top offensive producer, but as we have seen in the past in the Soo with the likes of Morgan Frost and Zachary Senyshyn, it’s the draft year plus one that the big offense production begins." - Dominic Tiano 

"Came into the league as a rookie known for his tremendous shooting ability but has now developed into a well-rounded do it all type of centre. As a pro prospect he may lack a standout trait but scouts love how complete he is as a player. He was the Hounds best forward by a notable margin in the playoffs and that will not go unnoticed. His ability to create ice and make plays in tight is fun to watch." - Anonymous

"He's underrated by many and a legitimate top-ten prospect for me.  His smarts, puck skills, character and poise are all elite. His skating isn't great, but he has the mindset to work on it hard over the next few years and turn it into an asset much like John Tavares did in the years after he was drafted.  I expect an offensive breakthrough next season in the Soo when he's handed the top offensive role." - Grant McCagg

"The best 200 foot player coming out of the OHL for this draft. After watching him all year I wonder if he ever ends up a true #1 centre at the next level but I could see him being a very good #2 centre who can play in all situations." - Peter Kneulman

4. Rasmus Sandin - Defense - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
Total Votes: 19
High/Low Ranking: 2nd (1x)/10th (1x)
"If you paid close attention to Sandin’s play in Sweden, you saw something developing but nothing definitive. Well, it took him barely any time to smash through the OHL like a sledgehammer, and did so while playing smart hockey in all three zones. Sandin is a strong skater and plays his one-on-ones better than most teenage eligibles. But it was his playmaking, creativity and shot accuracy that opened a lot of eyes, regardless of the fact that he played on a powerhouse. There were stretches when Sandin was the Greyhounds’ best defenseman, which says something when you look at how stacked a lineup they iced." - Steve Kournianos

"For me, Sandin became the second-best defenceman in this class behind Bouchard early in the season. It took some in the hockey world a while to put him in that spot but almost everyone sees him there now. As calm as Bouchard is in his own zone, I think Sandin is even calmer. He doesn’t get rattled under pressure and is always making the right play. Despite being 5’11”, he uses his body extremely well at keeping the opposition to the outside, and he won’t shy away from the physical game. He could work on his speed however, he is very adept at joining or leading the rush. Just how good he is and how important he was to the Greyhounds this season was evident when Conor Timmins was out with injury and the World Juniors." - Dominic Tiano

"I still feel Sandin is a bit underrated entering the draft. I liked him a lot. His hockey sense is great and he's so difficult to hit because he's elusive and mobile. He knows how to work the blue line and get the puck to his wingers to give them a chance to do something with it. In other words, he doesn't just pass the puck to get himself out of trouble; he has a purpose. His head is up all the time, has a decent shot, and knows can quarterback a power play." - Mike Morreale

"Shows great awareness on the backend with great closing speed. Isn't afraid to be physical and when he is, he doesn't take himself out of the play. Burgeoning offensive game highlighted by great vision and an uncanny ability to get pucks through a crowd and onto the net." - Peter Kneulman

I still feel Sandin is a bit underrated entering the draft. I liked him a lot. His hockey sense is great and he's so difficult to hit because he's elusive and mobile. He knows how to work the blue line and get the puck to his wingers to give them a chance to do something with it. In other words, he doesn't just pass the puck to get himself out of trouble; he has a purpose. His head is up all the time, has a decent shot, and knows can quarterback a power play.
I still feel Sandin is a bit underrated entering the draft. I liked him a lot. His hockey sense is great and he's so difficult to hit because he's elusive and mobile. He knows how to work the blue line and get the puck to his wingers to give them a chance to do something with it. In other words, he doesn't just pass the puck to get himself out of trouble; he has a purpose. His head is up all the time, has a decent shot, and knows can quarterback a power play.
I still feel Sandin is a bit underrated entering the draft. I liked him a lot. His hockey sense is great and he's so difficult to hit because he's elusive and mobile. He knows how to work the blue line and get the puck to his wingers to give them a chance to do something with it. In other words, he doesn't just pass the puck to get himself out of trouble; he has a purpose. His head is up all the time, has a decent shot, and knows can quarterback a power play.
I still feel Sandin is a bit underrated entering the draft. I liked him a lot. His hockey sense is great and he's so difficult to hit because he's elusive and mobile. He knows how to work the blue line and get the puck to his wingers to give them a chance to do something with it. In other words, he doesn't just pass the puck to get himself out of trouble; he has a purpose. His head is up all the time, has a decent shot, and knows can quarterback a power play.
5. Akil Thomas - Forward - Niagara IceDogs
Total Votes: 19
High/Low Ranking: 4th (3x)/9th (2x)
"Good skater with a notable shot. Had a good statistical season but left me wanting more. A lot of rankings are placing him in the first round but my comfort zone would be in the second round. Possesses a lot of tools that teams want but I have not been overly excited about him this season. Needs to play with more pace and if he can find that, he should contend for an OHL scoring title next season." - Anonymous

"Thomas is a fabulous player who lacks elite upside but has above-average skill on both sides of the puck and a frame that will allow him to bulk up and play with a little more power. He’s already a great, fluid, light skater and playmaker and I have faith the rest will come in time. He’s a little inconsistent but when he’s on he’s one of the best pure centres in the draft." - Anonymous

"Thomas is perhaps the best pure playmaking center available. He has a knack for finding the open guy in stride and can score when called upon. I'm just not sure if he's a center at the next level. Even if he's just a winger, he projects as a top-six guy for me." - Mark Scheig

"Very talented centre who has put up great numbers given his age in both his seasons. Great vision and high end play maker. If his shot improves and allows him to take advantage of teams who over commit to the pass, watch out." - Peter Kneulman

"A buzz-saw of a player. Needs to add strength, but moves as quick with the puck as he does without. Has tremendous vision and a soft touch. Likely better suited for the wing in the NHL. Will run through a wall for his teammates." - Cam Robinson

"The kid has all of the skills to play the entire 200 feet. He has a high hockey IQ and great feet that allow to challende defenders or work to get back on his horse for the back check. Put up an incredible 80+ points on a young Icedogs team so he has shown he can produce as well. Sometimes lacks a little urgency at times but that will come in the years to come." - Mark Seidel

"Ever try to learn a new position on the fly , and have that new position be centre?   That's what Akil Thomas did with Niagara this year, and he did well.  He held his own in terms of face offs, and became more of a play maker (57 assists) than a goal scorer (24 goals).  He elevated his game in the post season, and meshed well with Pittsburgh FA signing Sam Miletic.  He is on the smaller side, but was fine with playing the physical game.   The skill set and speed is certainly there.  Had one NHL Player Personnel person tell me he has 100 point potential." - Stephen Clark

6. Serron Noel - Forward - Oshawa Generals
Total Votes: 19
High/Low Ranking: 2nd (1x)/10th (1x)
"Noel is an interesting case because his measurements usually aren’t synonymous with deft puck handling and smart neutral-zone play. Of course, there are plenty of times where he takes full advantage of opponents via his 6’5 frame and massive wingspan, but what really impressed me was his puck poise and soft touch while collecting loose pucks at center ice. Sure, Noel is the perfect net-front presence on the power play, but all the accolades he’s received this season likely stem from areas outside of the realm of your typical power winger." - Steve Kournianos

"Who wouldn’t want a 6’5” 210 plus pound winger who can absolutely fly? To be honest, I see Noel as a project, a guy who needs to put in more work then some of the guys that will be drafted around him. But the package is there, he’ll just need more time then some of the other players. He has an ability to go end-to-end and on the occasions he does, he brings Generals’ fans to their feet. He’s very good at protecting the puck and when he parks himself in front of the opposition net, he’s hard to move and can beat even the best goaltenders with his hands from there. I would like to see him more involved physically and in battles for puck up for grabs. But as I said, he needs to put it all together." - Dominic Tiano

¨I don´t get when people say that Noel lacks high end potential. They see this big kid whose numbers aren´t extremely glamorous and assume he tops out as a future checking line player. The reality is that I don´t think we have any idea of what type of player he will end up as, or how good he could possibly be. And that´s the allure. North/South, I think he is one of the most powerful skaters in the OHL. Not too many guys will beat him in a straight foot race. And the hands in tight and puck possession ability are already strong. The questions are: how much better can his puck control ability become at full speed? Will his hockey sense in the offensive end develop? And will he start to play with more truculence on a consistent basis and become a force away from the puck? If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, this guy will look like the steal of this year´s draft."- Brock Otten

"Complete power forward that has more skill then he is given credit for. Has a huge frame that he will fill out and will be a load to handle in front. Think of Tom Wilson with more skill & less fights." - Mark Seidel

7. Ty Dellandrea - Forward - Flint Firebirds
Total Votes: 18
High/Low Ranking: 3rd (1x)/Outside of the Top 10 (1x)
"He was the most offensively gifted player on his team. He was targeted by the opposition but, give him credit, he battled through it, produced and put up numbers. His game is speed and skill. When he gets the puck, he's looking to drive it to the net. I don't believe we've seen his full potential just yet." - Mike Morreale

"To me, Dellandrea is the best center available from the OHL in this draft. He brings a little bit of everything to the table. He can finish. He can also be a playmaker. He plays both special teams units. He was the star of the show in Flint after the trades and was consistently their biggest threat to score. He also has the highest chance of becoming a top-six center in the NHL." - Mark Scheig

"Dellandrea has a solid two-way game already, but I think his offensive potential is still a bit untapped. He’s got an unreal shot that he doesn’t release often enough. Dellandrea can sometimes be too smart for his own good and over think plays. His untapped offensive potential could be realized through simplifying his game. The team that drafts him is getting one of the more underrated players in this area of the draft in my opinion." - Dylan Galloway

"A massive fan of his and I think his game has been massively underappreciated thus far. He's going to be an NHL center, it's just a matter of where he slides in, in the line-up. Sometimes guys like him get pigeon held as future 3rd line centers because of how advanced their play away from the puck and two-way games are. But Dellandrea has a high skill and I think he put that on display at the U18's where he was one of the better centers in the tournament, at least IMO. If he's not a first round pick, it's a travesty and someone is getting a very good prospect." - Brock Otten

"A flower amongst the weeds in Flint has skewed his on-ice product to some degree. Owns a heavy and accurate release and finds ways to cut into high-danger scoring areas. Feasts in the high slot on the PP. Can draw the opponents in due to his shoot-first mentality but distributes effectively as well. Performed exceptionally on the big stages – Hlinka, U18, and Top Prospect Game. Adding more explosiveness and quicker hands will be on his wish list this summer." - Cam Robinson

"Reminds me a lot of Mike Richards in the year that Philadelphia took him. The kid oozes character and work ethic while putting up 60+ points in Flint this year. Understands the game & will have a long productive NHL career." - Mark Seidel

8. Ryan McLeod - Forward - Mississauga Steelheads
Total Votes: 17
High/Low Ranking: 4th (2x)/Outside of the Top 10 (2x)
"Has the look of a player and put up decent numbers this season but always leaves me wanting more from a player who can skate like the wind and flash slick puck skills from time to time. I worry about his compete level and whether he has the drive to be an impact player at the next level. I'd pass on him in the opening round and hope he falls to the second." - Anonymous

"He does so many things well - solid skater, good penalty killer, high end skills. The confidence and improvement in his game from September 2017 to January 2018 was like night and day. But in the second half of the season, I didn't see the continued improvement I was hoping to see. Solid player who does so many things well, but how much better can he get?" - Tony Ambrogio

"He has the tools but I just feel he underwhelmed on a team with a lot of skill on it. There's no question he can skate and has the frame to play in the NHL. I'd just like to see him more consistently take over games." - Mark Scheig

"A similar type player to Akil Thomas, but did not have as good of a year, but then again Mississauga as a team under performed, based on the talent that they have. McLeod is a dynamic skater and sees the whole ice well and a deft finisher.  He will be either a centre piece trade acquisition for someone, or will be the leader and likely captain in Mississauga. He just looks like he has a pro game already." - Stephen Clark   

9. Ryan Merkley - Defense - Guelph Storm
Total Votes: 16
High/Low Ranking: 2nd (2x)/Outside of the Top 10 (3x)
"Is exceptional at the point on the power play; he had 32 assists with the man advantage. He's got great offensive instincts and is a pure point producer. He shows a lot of poise and puck control. He just needs to work on his defensive game and take more of a positive approach off the ice when the going gets tough. The skill set it certainly there and he's going to be hard to pass up late in the first round." - Mike Morreale

"What a story line this young player has already wrote for himself. Public reports of his unwelcomed poor attitude will certainly drive him down the draft lists but he is likely the second most talented prospect from the Ontario league. His confidence, silky hands and willingness to extract every afforded second before making a play with the puck is something few players at any level possess. I'm rooting for him to clean up his attitude because players from around the globe would love to have his abilities and chance to play in the NHL." - Anonymous

"Merkley is the biggest risk-reward bet in the NHL draft this year, let alone among his OHL peers. He’s nearly unmatched in terms of raw gifts and that should put him in everyone’s top-five out of the OHL, regardless of his attitude issues and defensive lapses. There’s a decent chance whichever team takes him in this year’s draft ends up missing on him, but if he can mature on and off the ice then the sky’s the limit. I’d take that gamble." - Anonymous

"Elite offensive weapon. Skating, skill and particularly offensive brain are all high-end. Makes very unique plays. Erratic in terms of his defensive play, and discipline issues remain. Has consistency issues." - Anonymous

"The stories of attitude problems that have swirled around Merkley leading up to the draft have been a big factor in his slide down a number of rankings. I’m inclined to trust the development process, and have to believe there will be personal growth in the coming years and months. Oh and by the way, he’s a phenomenally gifted offensive defenceman with a gift for game-breaking puck movement, skating and vision." - Dylan Galloway

"We have seen with highly talented first round athletes with several reported attitude and conduct issues out of the OHL recently. Josh Ho-Sang and Anthony DeAngelo both have received some action in the NHL but are currently in the AHL and underachieving based on what their talent projects. I expect we will see the same out of Merkley where he will be back and forth between NHL and AHL but ultimately doesn't stick due to his attitude. He will be one of the first 8 players out of the OHL in this draft, but he won't end up being one of the top 8 when these players are 35."- Anonymous

10. Liam Foudy - Forward - London Knights
Total Votes: 9 Votes
High/Low Ranking: 5th (1x)/Outside of the Top 10 (10x)
"An incredible second half after London traded their vets away seen Foudy explode and got scouts pushing him up their ranking. His athleticism and speed is well documented and those assets are skills that translate. I want to see his offensive numbers emerge next season and start to command the puck more often. The lack of production will likely keep him from being a first round pick but teams will dial in on him early in the second." - Anonymous

"Truly one of the biggest draft risers in the second half of the season as soon as he was handed offensive opportunity.  He may be the fastest skater and best athlete in the draft, and in today's pro game with speed being such an asset he may thrive." - Grant McCagg

"I had to get Foudy into my top 10. His growth through the season was very fun to watch as he shouldered the added minutes beautifully post-trade deadline. Foudy’s strengths of speed, good hands and solid smarts fits perfectly into the new NHL. With a couple more years of development in the OHL, the NHL team that drafts him will be very happy with their selection." - Dylan Galloway

"I feel like we're just on the cusp of seeing what he's fully capable of doing after his second half breakout. Right now, his game is entirely built around his speed and ability to carry the puck. By March, he was averaging 2-3 end to end rushes per game that resulted in scoring chances. But he'll need to learn how to play more effectively East/West. And he'll need to increase his intensity level without the puck to fully harness his speed and fully take over games. But this kid is a freakishly good athlete, as evidenced by his combine results. With the way the NHL game is built around speed now, this is a kid I take a chance on in that 25-40 range and trust that the London coaching staff can turn him into a quality all around hockey player." - Brock Otten

Honorable Mentions

Kevin Bahl - Defense - Ottawa 67's (5 Votes)
Highest Ranking: 7th (1x)
"Bahl is a smart player with a lot more offensive upside than he exhibited this season (one goal, 17 assists); I expect him to rediscover his offensive game in 2018-19 with the 67's. He's got good puck skills for a 6-foot-6, 230-pound defenseman and rarely gets beat wide or out of the corners. He has a good shot and he usually gets it on net." - Mike Morreale

" I know the game is changing but teams can always use a big kid that can eat up minutes, be solid in his own end and keep opponents honest. He has more skill and ability to make plays than most give him credit for and through maturity, he will become a good piece on an NHL team." - Mark Seidel

"Likely not top 10 talent wise, but I've got a soft spot for Bahl because he's a big , physical, throwback type D man.  He stands 6'6 over 220 lbs and you notice him on the ice with his size and strength.  He will hardily dazzle you with his scoring but his reach and defensive play was very good on a very young and talented Ottawa 67's team that will be among the leagues better teams next year.  Expect Bahl to play a large role with them." - Stephen Clark

Allan McShane - Forward - Oshawa Generals (4 Votes)
Highest Ranking: 7th (2x)
"McShane is an excellent playmaker and gives a solid effort in all three zones, especially in board battles in the offensive zone. He and Noel made a lot of money together, and at times that second line carried Oshawa for most of the first half of the season. I really like the way he digs in and jostles with bigger defenders." - Steve Kournianos

"McShane is a kid who blew me away last year, didn’t impress me in early viewings this year, and then really came on at U18s as the dominant carrier and passer I’d seen in 2016-2017. He’s got breakout potential next season on an Oshawa team that looks like it’ll be competitive." - Anonymous

Sean Durzi - Defense - Owen Sound Attack (2 Votes)
Highest Ranking: 5th (1x)
"I know I have him rated higher than most, but I like the way he plays and the smarts he shows." - Tony Ambrogio

"Went through the Draft once already but has shown that it was a huge mistake. Tremendous offensive instincts and has become a stud defender. Ultimately will be able to quarterback an NHL power play." - Mark Seidel

Cam Hillis - Forward - Guelph Storm
Highest Ranking: 8th (1x)
"Hillis is a kid with impressive, better-than-his-numbers-show upside who became a point per game threat as a rookie after opting to make the move out of the prep school, NCAA circuit towards Guelph and the OHL. He adjusted quickly and ended up leading OHL rookies in assists with 39 on route to being named to the all-rookie team with Blade Jenkins and Andrei Svechnikov. He’s got some of the better puck skills in the class, and he’s shiftier than most." - Anonymous

"Hillis is a creative, skilled but undersized center. Given the trend of the NHL allowing undersized player to make an impact, Hillis has a lot of upside." - Peter Harling

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev - Forward - Peterborough Petes (1 Vote)
Highest Ranking: 5th (1x)
¨I´m not the one who had him in their top 10, but I can see where the allure comes from. Youngest player eligible this year. Blessed with great individual skill and playmaking ability. Put in a tough spot this year on a bad Peterborough team. Consistency is an issue. Strength is an issue. Play away from the puck is an issue. Size is an issue. Skating is mediocre. As he matures though, could he start to take over games with his skill level? Absolutely." - Brock Otten

Blade Jenkins - Forward - Saginaw Spirit (1 Vote)
Highest Ranking: 8th (1x)
"I honestly don't get why so many are down on Jenkins. He came on strong in the second half after finding a consistent role. He combines an NHL frame with a good shot and great skating. His upside is that of a top-six winger. That's pretty good for someone most project to go in the second round." - Mark Scheig

Aidan Dudas - Forward - Owen Sound Attack (1 Vote)
Highest Ranking: 9th (1x)
"An undersized pivot who shies away from nothing. Skates miles each night as his motor is constantly churning. He creates chances off his terrific forecheck. An accomplished penalty killer and goal-scorer. Was insulated behind Nick Suzuki this season, but has the ability to anchor a line. Some will see his height and dismiss his ability. No matter, he’ll continue to prove his detractors wrong." - Cam Robinson


Anonymous said...

Regarding Barrett Hayton

Some think he is the next Curtis Lazar

Also 1/3 of his points on the PP


Where are these opinions wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hayton falls to the Kings. They steal another top prospect.

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Do you see Dennis Busby getting drafted? He looked very promising when healthy

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