Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OHL Playoff Predictions - Conference Finals

Alright, so I went .500 last round yet again. However going 2-2 in the second round is a lot less embarrassing than going 4-4 in round one. This brings my overall record to 6-6 for the playoffs.

Quite frankly, I was really surprised at how the Spitfires ran over the Whalers. Plymouth played Windsor so hard during the regular season and really loaded up at the deadline for this meeting. Unfortunately, they pretty much got embarrassed. Windsor has just been unstoppable so far in the playoffs and you have to start wondering if anyone will be able to stop the train.

As for the Kitchener/London series, I acknowledged that I felt like the series could go either way. Ultimately, I felt like London was at the top of its game and that the Rangers had some holes the Knights could abuse. Especially true because of how well the Knights played the Rangers in the regular season. I do have to admit that I'm happy to see Kitchener win as it's good to see a different match up than the Spitfires/Knights one we were starting to get accustomed to.

So let's look at the Conference Finals, which get under way tomorrow night in Barrie.

Eastern Conference

1. Barrie Colts vs. 3. Mississauga St. Michael's Majors
Season Series: Tie - 3-3
My Analysis: I think this is the series in the Eastern Conference that everyone wanted to see; division rivals and the two best teams in the Conference. These two teams played each other very tough during the season too. So what will break the tide? I think a couple of things. For one, the Majors defense has not looked as strong this playoffs than it did early or mid season. They struggled at times against Ottawa and I think the team should feel fortunate they got out of that series. We all know how strong the Colts are offensively, so the Majors could run into some trouble if they continue to take some bad penalties and make mistakes with the puck like they did against Ottawa. Secondly, I have a lot more confidence in Mavric Parks than I do J.P. Anderson or Chris Carrozzi right now. Parks is playing lights out hockey while neither of the Majors goaltenders (would appear to be Anderson's job the rest of the way) are on top of their game (at least IMO). The Majors will battle and they will finally give the Colts their first defeat of the post season, but I can't see them winning the series.
Prediction: Barrie in 6

Western Conference

1. Windsor Spitfires vs. 3. Kitchener Rangers
Season Series: Tie - 2-2
My Analysis: In the West, the match-up is eerily similar. A one versus a three seed in which the season series was split. The Spitfires have looked absolutely unstoppable this playoffs and appear to be poised for another Memorial Cup run. Meanwhile, the Rangers keep clawing their way into the next round. But does that start to add up and does fatigue set in. The Rangers have played two hard fought series totaling 13 games. The Spits have played two run over series totaling 8 games. I think there is no question that Windsor will be the fresher team. And considering that the Spits are already the better team, I think it makes them hard to beat. The Rangers band of scrappy and intelligent forwards will likely help them win a couple of games and give the Spits at least their hardest fought series yet. But I can't see the Rangers overcoming what appears to be (at this stage of the game) a multiple headed monster.
Prediction: Windsor in 6

Let's hear it folks...anyone else up for a Barrie and Windsor OHL final?

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