Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CHL Imports Growing Stale?

In response to all the negative press the CHL has taken in the past couple of days, I've put my thoughts down on the whole IIHF vs. CHL war of words as an article for School Your Pool.

CHL Imports Growing Stale?

Be sure to tell me what you think? Where do you stand? Should Europeans come to the CHL?

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The Boogie man said...

Interesting article as I have a hard time disagreeing with you. Nino Niederreiter is a great example of the "New European" hockey player.

Had he not come over and proven his worth by playing in the WHL then there is no way he would have gone 5th like he did.

But now the better question has to be: Is the decline of European players good for the growth of hockey overall?