Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pipeline Show Interview with E.J. McGuire

In case anyone missed last night's Pipeline Show, Guy and Dean had NHL Central Scouting Director E.J. McGuire on to talk about the preliminary rankings.

You can download the audio clip HERE

E.J. always gives very diligent answers in interviews, which makes him an ever interesting interviewee. Like the CSS or not, you have to respect their opinion and how they choose to back it up.

I particularly found what he had to say about Murphy and Puempel very interesting and in a way, helps explain why certain players are disappointingly ranked at times.

On Murphy, the fact that they don't seem to have faith in him developing as a two way defenseman helps to explain his low ranking. But E.J. does recognize that Murphy could be a guy some teams covet and end up taking high (much higher than they have him ranked). It probably comes down to whether you think he can develop into someone you can play 5 on 5, of which I do. But their concerns are not unfounded.

On Puempel, E.J.'s explanation helps to explain why players on teams performing poorly can often be ranked lower. To which I ask, how many 17 year olds (outside of Tyler Seguin last year) are ready to lead their teams beyond their "on paper" roster capabilities?

Anyway, take a listen and enjoy.

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