Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CHL Top Prospect's Game Skills Competition Results

Just got home from the Skills competition for the CHL Top Prospect's Game. Thought I'd give a little recap for those interested (since not a lot is written about it).

First, here's a list of those who competed...and in what events.

Fastest Skater:

Daniel Catenacci won the event (no surprise there). His time was JUST over 14 seconds.

Tobias Rieder and Ryan Murphy also did quite well and finished just behind Catenacci.

Rickard Rakell finished in about 14.7 seconds, well back of the competing field.

Dougie Hamilton was looking good until he wiped out on the last turn and finished at over 20 seconds.

Hardest Shot:

The OHL didn't fare incredibly well here. Vincent Trocheck was the best (from memory). I believe his hardest shot came in at a shade over 92. London's Scott Harrington and Mississauga's Stuart Percy finished with shots in the high 80's.

The entire field was demolished by Myles Bell of the Regina Pats who fired shots of 97 and 98. Two of the hardest shots I can remember from this game.

Shooting Accuracy:

Matt Puempel won this event (again no surprise) by hitting all 4 targets in 5 shots. A very impressive display. Shane Prince was close behind at 4 of 7 (I believe). Boone Jenner went 3 for 8 (again from memory), while Lucas Lessio went only 1 for 8.

Show-Down Breakaway Contest:

None of the OHL players made the final round, but there were a couple of interesting moves. Mark Scheifele did the patented lacrosse style, over the shoulder move and that got a nice ovation from the crowd. Vladislav Namestnikov tried to score with the butt end of his stick. Brandon Saad did a couple of between the legs moves. Ryan Strome tried to pull off the Ovechkin two stick goal. And Nicklas Jensen didn't attempt anything crazy from memory.

The show was stolen by Sven Bartschi of the Portland Winterhawks, who scored an unbelievable one handed, behind the back goal. I don't think the judges even really saw what happened because it happened so quickly (he received only mediocre scores), but it was quite incredible. Stay tuned for this one to hit youtube (hopefully). EDIT - FOUND IT

Tomas Jurco won the event.

Three on Three Game:

Not really a ton to report on here, except for the goaltending performance of Owen Sound's Jordan Binnington. From my count, he didn't let in a single goal during 15 minutes of three on three action and a shootout to decide the game. During that time, he made some pretty incredible saves.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of the game itself.

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