Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nice Goal from Mitchell Theoret

I don't post a lot of videos on this blog, but I felt this one was worthy.

Check out Mitchell Theoret's goal from Game 2 in Oshawa last night.

You'll have to fast forward to about the 4:20 mark of the clip.

A nice power move by a guy who doesn't get enough respect for the upcoming NHL draft. If he were on a team with less depth, his offensive numbers would have been much better. He's certainly embraced his role this year and has been one of the best 4th liners in the league. HERE's a great article on him from the St. Catharine's Standard.


NOTE: If you want to see the questionable goal disallowed call, go to about the 3 minute mark on the above clip. IMO the officiating crew got that one wrong and it cost the IceDogs.

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Anonymous said...

hey Brock, heres an opinion. Originally I thought Shipley scored. After I watched it a few times I noticed that Shipley didnt cheer at all but kept digging at the puck. Shipley of all ppl would know if that puck was over the line...he had the best view of it. So if it went over the line he wouldve stopped digging and raised his arms. Thats all. Video replay does look like a good goal tho