Saturday, June 4, 2011

Passing of the June 1st Deadline

June 1st has come and gone and we have his year's crop of unsigned NHL draft picks.

The following were unsigned and will re-enter the NHL Draft:

Andy Bathgate
Brandon Maxwell
Scott Valentine
Michael Zador
Daniel Maggio
Barron Smith

The following is unsigned and is now an unrestricted free agent:

Phil Varone

The only real surprise for me was Scott Valentine going unsigned. Apparently he wasn't happy with what Anaheim was offering him and decided to not sign and instead re-enter the draft. I hope this works out well for him. Occasionally, this type of tactic can backfire on players who give up contracts assuming they'll be re-drafted...and it doesn't happen. Valentine is a solid prospect who has made great strides in his OHL career, but he's not a can't miss prospect.

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