Sunday, July 29, 2012

30 Teams in 30 Days: Minnesota Wild

It's the Minnesota Wild's turn, and it's a small write up (as they have only one player in the OHL).

Tyler Graovac - Ottawa 67's
It wasn't a particularly strong season for the Wild's 7th rounder in 2011. He was given the opportunity to earn a top 6 role with the team, but wasn't really able to get the job done. The 67's eventually had to go out and make a trade for two veterans (Mike Cazzola, and John McFarland) to try and give them more secondary offense. Graovac remains a massive project who is intriguing because he's got size and he can skate. But the rest of his game just didn't take a step forward this year. He's still relatively easy to knock off the puck and ineffective at the possession game. He's got size, but isn't a consistently physical player who is effective away from the puck either. This year, the 67's desperately need him to take a step forward. Behind Sean Monahan and Steven Janes, the team really isn't likely to return many core forwards. He's going to have to take hold of the 2nd line center job and be able to produce offensively. At this point, a 50 point season would probably be considered a success.

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Anonymous said...

wow Brock you obviously did not read the Wild's take on him!!!! Had a great prospect camp