Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NHL Central Scouting's Preliminary Rankings for 2013

The Preliminary rankings for the 2013 Entry Draft were released today by NHL Central Scouting.

For those unfamiliar, every November Central Scouting releases a preliminary list divided by region.

The following is their list for the OHL.

1. Sean Monahan
2. Darnell Nurse
3. Kerby Rychel
4. Max Domi
5. Bo Horvat
6. Jason Dickinson
7. Nikita Zadorov
8. Stephen Harper
9. Justin Bailey
10. Chris Bigras
11. Ryan Hartman
12. Ryan Kujawinski
13. Cole Cassels
14. Jimmy Lodge
15. Zach Nastasiuk
16. Remi Elie
17. Jordan Subban
18. Nick Moutrey
19. Nicholas Paul
20. Josh Burnside
21. Hunter Garlent
22. Erik Bradford
23. Ben Harpur
24. Mark Raycroft
25. Sergei Kuptsov

1. Spencer Martin
2. Michael Giugovaz
3. Alex Fotinos
4. Jordan DeKort
5. Jake Patterson
6. Jacob Blair

My Comments are as follows:

  1. I don't really have much of an issue with these rankings. In fact, I'd say they resemble my own rankings more than any preliminary CSS list than I can remember. 
  2. The biggest problem I have is with Ryan Kujawinski's placement. I just don't see how guys like Stephen Harper and Justin Bailey are ahead of him, considering they have similar skill sets, yet are not producing as well. I've been a tad underwhelmed by his production this year, but he's still better (and a better NHL prospect) than several of the guys they have listed ahead of him (at least IMO).
  3. Everyone seems to be talking about Subban's ranking. It's not surprising at all. Central Scouting puts a lot of emphasis on size, and Subban just doesn't have it. Same reason Sergei Tolchinsky is nowhere to be found on this list (another thing people are talking about).
  4. A little surprised to not see Jordan Maletta on here (or Baptiste), but there's no question they've underperformed this year.

If you want to see the entire North American list, check out the link here.


Anonymous said...

honestly Brock why is Horvat rated so high? He plays on the best team in the league and hes isnt putting up great offensive numbers. Hes a -1 for crying out loud. I know that hes one of the best shot blockers in the league but Ive watched him play a few times and I barely noticed him except for his shot blocking. I was really left wanting more each time ive seen him. Maybe its because london is such a well rounded team.

Anonymous said...

Horvat is a great leader, and will be the future captain of the London Knights. Most people generally don't notice his contributions in the defence end, and he is a big power forward who does the dirty work in front of the net. He can put up pretty decent numbers, too. He's finally picked up the pace after a slow start. When Horvat is parked in front of the net, good things happen. His ranking is well deserved, and he will be a first rounder in June.

Anonymous said...

Unless he get at least 60 points I don't think he's a 1st rounder, he doesn't have the size of say, Tom Wilson, who is a prototypical power forward... I've been more impressed with Anderson. That kid reminds me of Garrett Wilson.

Brock Otten said...

I think the truth lies somewhere in between with Horvat.

The thing that impresses about him is how NHL ready he is. In a lot of ways, he's a very similar player to Austin Watson (who was a high NHL first rounder once upon a time ago). He's ahead of most kids his age in the fact that he plays a responsible two way game, blocks shots, and knows how to use his size in the offensive end (to work the boards, to protect the puck on drives, and to disrupt in front of the net). Those tangible characteristics are what will get him consideration for the back end of the first round.

That said, his offensive game has been inconsistent this year (perhaps due to the different roles the Hunter's have been using him in). With the quality that this draft presents us with (it's an incredibly good draft), he may find himself just on the outside of the first round, looking in.