Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings for 2013

NHL Central Scouting has released their final rankings for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Here's how the OHL shakes down.


1. Darnell Nurse
2. Sean Monahan
3. Zach Nastasiuk
4. Chris Bigras
5. Bo Horvat
6. Ryan Hartman
7. Kerby Rychel
8. Max Domi
9. Jimmy Lodge
10. Nikita Zadorov
11. Jason Dickinson
12. Justin Bailey
13. Jordan Subban
14. Nick Moutrey
15. Nicholas Baptiste
16. Ryan Kujawinski
17. Remi Elie
18. Dakota Mermis
19. Greg Betzold
20. Ben Harpur
21. Carter Verhaeghe
22. Kyle Platzer
23. Jeff Corbett
24. Sergei Tolchinsky
25. Cole Cassels
26. Josh Burnside
27. Nick Paul
28. Brent Pedersen
29. Stephen Harper
30. Daniel Nikandrov
31. Dominik Kubalik
32. Cameron Brace
33. Erik Bradford
34. Zach Leslie
35. Miles Liberati
36. Hunter Garlent
37. Zach Hall
38. Brody Silk
39. Tyler Ganly
40. Josh Brown
41. Henri Ikonen
42. Jean Dupuy
43. Anthony DiFruscia
44. Stephen Nosad
45. Tyler Bertuzzi


1. Spencer Martin
2. Michael Giugovaz
3. Jordan DeKort
4. Jake Patterson
5. Frank Palazzese
6. Charlie Graham
7. Jacob Blair

Here are the links to the full rankings:


Some thoughts on the rankings...

  • First thing that shocked me was the aggressiveness with Nastasiuk's ranking. Quite frankly, I like it. I've been a big supporter of the kid since he joined the league and he was amazing the final few months of the season (and has continued that on to the Under 18's). He's firmly in my top 10 for the league too.
  • Also continue to be surprised by Zadorov's low ranking. CSS seems to be the only place ranking him that low. I haven't been incredibly impressed with his play in the 2nd half, but he's still firmly a first round talent IMO. But...they've been low on him all season long.
  • The lack of Alex Fotinos in the goaltenders category is still shocking. ISS has him ranked quite highly (in the top 10), while CSS doesn't even feel the need to rank him. Very odd and silly IMO. Fotinos is a solid goaltender and prospect and deserves to be ranked...ahead of a few of those OHL goaltenders IMO.
  • Stephen Harper continues to free fall. Was talked about as a first rounder to start the year and now he's being ranked by Central Scouting as a possible 4th/5th round selection. It's deserving, but I still feel bad for him.
  • The ranking of the "overagers" is a tad odd to me. IMO, the two top re-entry candidates available from the OHL are Justin Auger and Eric Locke. And neither of them are ranked, while a handful of others (some very deserving too) are. Strikes me as odd.
  • Outside of that, I don't think they're all that bad, even if they may be a tad shocking to some.

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