Monday, July 20, 2015

30 Teams in 30 Days - Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens haven't drafted out of the OHL much the last few years and as such had only one player in the league this year.

1. Jaden Lindo - Owen Sound Attack
Unfortunately, Lindo's post draft season (and 3rd in the OHL) was his worst. He missed a good chunk of his draft year and the beginning of this year recovering from a knee injury. Upon returning to the lineup this year, Lindo found himself pushed down the depth chart, passed by other players who had stepped up in his absence. His skating remains a concern as it currently prevents him from being fully involved offensively. His physical play wasn't as evident this year too, perhaps hesitant to re-injure himself. 2014/2015 has to be considered a bit of a lost season for his development. Next year, he should come to Owen Sound's camp fully healthy and ready to make an impact. With a ton of graduations, the Attack are going to need guys like Lindo to be high impact players if they want to remain competitive. Fighting for an NHL contract, I'd expect Lindo to be much improved next year. My guess is that he's going to need to be a 25/30 goal guy in order to get a contract from the Pens and that's certainly not unrealistic.

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