Monday, January 19, 2009

A "Major" Return

In case you missed it, Mississauga St. Michael's Majors forward William Wallen returned to action this weekend. Wallen has been out of the line up since early October after suffering a near fatal brain aneurysm. Wallen apparently was suffering from terrible headaches during a game against the Ice Dogs on October 3rd. Following the game, the Majors training staff sent him to the hospital after checking him out and he had to undergo emergency surgery to correct the aneurysm. It's outstanding to have such a strong training staff on hand, as they likely saved Wallen's life.

Wallen returned to Mississauga in early December and was skating with the team as early as the 8th of December, but had not gotten into game action until this past weekend against Oshawa and Ottawa. In case you were wondering, Wallen's return was a success as he potted a goal and an assist against Oshawa on Friday.

Also, check out Wallen's blog here, if you are curious as to what he's been going through the past few months.

Wallen's return to the Majors line up is a huge boost to a team that is already very deep and strong at the forward position. Wallen was finding great success with the Majors before the incident, and should be a major factor for the team through to the end of the season. Wallen, despite being undersized, is an incredibly talented offensive player who has performed just as well internationally as some of Sweden's more notable young and up and coming players. If he can finish the season strong, I'm sure he finds himself on a few teams draft lists.

Don't look now, but the Majors could be a huge player in the slightly more wide open, Eastern Conference as we head into the playoff drive.

ADD - Here is an outstanding article written by Gare Joyce on the incident

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