Thursday, June 13, 2013

OHL Players Heading Back into the 2013 NHL Entry Draft

June 1st has come and gone. NHL teams have come to a decision on whether to release the rights of certain 2011 draft selections; some being OHL players.

The following 2011 draft picks were not offered contracts and will be re-entering the 2013 draft.

Alan Quine
Was tremendous after going to Belleville (from Peterborough), where he had the best production of his career thus far. His playoff performance lacked consistency though and the Wings chose not to sign him. I suppose the Wings had concerns over his ability to play a top 6 role at the next level, given his only mediocre size. His "overall" game never really developed that much either. He does remain a highly skilled player, and will likely be a pretty high scoring overager next year. Honestly, I don't think he gets drafted again. My guess is that teams will watch him closely as an overager and see how his game develops next year (consistency and physicality being the two main areas of concern). They could always sign him then.

Justin Sefton
The trade to London certainly didn't do wonders for his stock, as he had some difficulty fitting in there. His game never really developed since 2011, when San Jose made him a 3rd round pick. Offensively, he never gained the confidence (or improved his puck skills) necessary to be a big factor. His skating also never really improved to the point where he was able to be a terrific shutdown defenseman at this level. I can't see him being drafted again. He'll need to have a big overage season to put himself back on the NHL radar.

Colin Suellentrop
I actually like Suellentrop a lot as a player and I thought he improved this season. He really improved his breakout pass and overall confidence level handling the puck in his own end. I felt like he also took a big step forward in being a solid, physical defender in his own end. That being said, I can see why the Flyers chose to let him walk. While he's a solid OHL defenseman, it could be said that his lack of a true standout quality makes him more of a tweener; a guy without a definitive role at the next level. If his offensive game continues to improve as an overager, I could see him getting signed though.

Alex Lepkowski
A big, physical, stay at home defenseman Buffalo elected not to sign. I think the main issue would be the whole mobility factor. His skating still needs work, to the point where I guess Buffalo felt like he wouldn't be an NHL player. His offensive game never improved, but I don't think the Sabres drafted him thinking it would. Lepkowski is what he is. And that's probably a solid OHL defenseman and not much more.

Simon Karlsson (Import)
Quite frankly, he failed to stand out as an OHL player and didn't look like much of an NHL draft selection. Nashville likely made an easy choice here. I doubt he is selected again.

Andrew Fritsch
Because of injuries, his best season to date remains his draft season. He's a great skater, and he has solid offensive skill and instinct, but just hasn't been able to put it all together. I like the kid, but I do see why Phoenix chose not to sign him. There just wasn't enough development there over the past two years. While I'd be surprised if he gets drafted again, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a big OA year and earns a contract.

Matt Mahalak
It was not a good season for Mahalak, who lost his starting job to a 16 year old. Post Scott Wedgewood, he just wasn't able to step up to the plate. Not only did Carolina not sign him, but Plymouth has traded him to Kingston where he'll get a chance to shine as an OA. Can't see him being re-drafted.

Peter Ceresnak (Import)
A good sized defenseman, Ceresnak did an admirable job on the Peterborough blueline this year. But his skating needs work and he wasn't able to make a significant impact at either end of the ice. A solid, yet unspectacular player. I'd be surprised if he's drafted again.

Mitchell Theoret
Theoret had a real breakthrough season offensively, and I was surprised that the Isles chose not to sign him. He was great all the way through and even put in a monster performance for Barrie in the postseason, finishing 2nd to Mark Scheifele in playoff goals (with 14). He's a big kid who has the ability to play rough and score goals. I think the physicality aspect of his game needs to be more consistent (balancing being a scorer and an energy guy), but there is potential. I think he'd be the only guy on this list that I'd re-draft.

Michael Schumacher (Import)
Sort of a similar player to Theoret, Schumacher has a real big frame and goal scoring potential. He's not afraid to play near the net. I remember reading that he always impressed at LA camps, so I was surprised that they let him go. I think he's a coin flip as to whether someone drafts him again, but he'll be heading back to Sweden to play next year.

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