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Thoughts on October action by a new contributor

Alright folks, in an effort to make this blog the most comprehensive it can be, I've brought in another person to provide his thoughts on OHL action. His name is Ryan Yessie and he's a Sarnia Sting fan. He's also an avid OHL follower and he's someone who's opinion on OHL prospects I greatly trust. I hope you enjoy reading his posts!

Here are some thoughts from Ryan on a few October games he was able to catch.

October 10. - Sarnia vs. Windsor

Miroslav Preisinger (NHL: 2009 Eligible)
Report: Oct/10/08: Preisinger has really brought his game to another level since having a very slow start this year. At first it looked like he didn’t have the skill to keep up, after being a player considered to be picked in the first round of this years draft, his play was alittle disappointing. He was easy to knock off the puck, and seemed afraid of physical contact, as well he wouldn’t shoot the puck. Tonight Preisinger played at high speeds most of the night and made a picture perfect pass to set up a goal in the 3rd period. For what it’s worth E.J. Maguire was at the game and about 5 ft. away from myself when the goal went in.. it looked like he couldn’t take his notebook out fast enough and began to write something down seconds after the goal. (Preisinger had 1A)

Ryan Ellis (NHL: 2009 Eligible)
Report: Oct/10/08: Ellis looks like the real deal, skates quickly and accelerates in his first few strides effortlessly. Great positioning defensively. He isn’t going to wow anyone with his defensive ability, but they are much better than the average offensive defenceman. Ellis showed great puck moving skills, could work on his shot power, but that will develop as he gets stronger. (Ellis had 1A, 2PIM)

Taylor Hall (NHL: 2009 Eligible)
Report: Oct/10/08: It’s amazing that Hall is still going to be in the OHL one more year, he along with Katic were easily the fastest skaters on the ice tonight. Hall plays a lot like Stamkos, just does everything at such a high speed, he doesn’t look quite up to par with what Stamkos was in his two years in the OHL overall, but Hall without question belongs in the same class. (Hall had 1G, 1A)

October 11. - Sarnia vs. Saginaw

Cody Sol (NHL: 2009 Eligible)
Report: Oct/11/08: Sol looked pretty good out there overall, big defenceman, doesn’t use his size physically that well, but uses it well positionally. Very smooth skater, very impressive for someone his age. Unfortunately he left near the end of the 1st period and didn’t return. Don’t expect much offensive output from him. But he could be a good reliable defenceman as time goes on.

Jordan Szwarz (NHL: 2009 Eligible)
Report: Oct/11/08: Szwarz looked very impressive. Great puck skills, and decent speed, moved the puck well and has a good accurate shot. Playing on the top line with Combs. He looked like the best forward on the team tonight. Not sure where he projects but he’s the kinda player you could steal in the 4th or 5th round. (Szwarz had 1G,1A)

T.J. Brodie (NHL: Calgary 4th rd/114th overall)
Report: Oct/11/08: Brodie looked like he really improved from training camp. Plays with an extra jump in his game than he had last year. Doesn’t shy away from initiating physical contact, great puck movement and played well in both ends of the ice. Most improved player on Saginaw from last year hands down. (Brodie had 1G,1A)

Shayne Campbell (NHL: Eligible in 2011)
Report: Oct/11/08: 15 year old goaltender that made the team for the Sting. Looked very impressive in two games against Windsor, and one against Saginaw. However after sitting out 3 games in a row and not being given much time ahead of the overagers Hache seems to have lost some of his confidence. Made a few impressive saves, but also let in some goals that he would have had in his first 3 games. Campbell still has plenty of time, but as it stands Sarnia is not handling his development properly. (Stopped 26 of 31 shots)

October 17. - Sarnia vs. Oshawa

John Tavares (NHL: Eligible in 2009)
Report: Oct/17/08: Tavares looks like a top pick in the draft, he has impressive lateral movement, he seems to always make the right decisions with the puck, and is almost impossible to move from the front of the net, when he is moved he always seems to find the right spot. He isn’t going to dominate with speed and skill like Hall or Stamkos, instead he has remarkable positioning, great puck movement, and a hard accurace shot with a quick release. However if Taylor Hall was in the draft this year, I believe he would go ahead of Tavares. (Tavares had 1G, 1A)

Brett Parnham (NHL: Eligible in 2009, but 1989 born)
Report: Oct/17/08: Parnham scored a highlight reel goal in this game, great stick handling ability made this goal happen. He has a good shot and nice offensive instincts. However Parnham is likely to be a long shot to be an NHL prospect because he lacks size, abandons his defensive responsibilities too much, as well he has a bad shot selection sometimes trying to get a near impossible goal rather than passing it up to create a scoring opportunity for his team. (Parnham had 2G)

Joe Rogalski (NHL: Eligible in 2010)
Report: Oct/17/08: Rogalski is a late birthday so he won’t go till next year, but does have an outside shot at being a 1st round pick. His defensive positioning is very impressive and he does seem to have some good offensive skills as well, he moved the puck very well tonight and is very composed and doesn’t appear to make many mistakes. (Rogalski had 1A)

October 18. - Sarnia vs. Barrie

Stefan Della Rovere (NHL: Washington 7th rd/204th overall)
Report: Oct/18/08: Della Rovere has great quickness on the ice, he is very hard to knock off the puck as well. Got in a fight with Daniel Lombardi and it wasn’t even a contest, Della Rovere won the fight easily, however it should be noted that Lombardi separated his shoulder at one point of this fight. He was called on by Matt Martin to fight in the second but refused, so Martin clocked one of his teammates with a cross-check which lured Stefan into a second fight, he didn’t fair as well, if a win would be given it would have got to Martin but it would have been a very narrow one at that. Della Rovere did a good job of staying out of the box after this, and scored a very nice goal to keep his team in it for the time being. Sting players did attempt to lure Della Rovere into the 3rd fight which would have accompanied a game misconduct but used good judgement to stay in the game. Della Rovere scored a Gordie Howe hat-trick in the losing cause. (Della Rovere had 1G, 1A, 10 PIM)

Peter DiSalvo (NHL: Eligible in 2009)
Report: Oct/18/08: DiSalvo played decent early but it appeared the nerves of playing against his old team in his former home arena caught up to him, as he let in a few bad goals, uncharacteristic of the year he’s had so far. DiSalvo showed good positioning at times. DiSalvo was pulled halfway through the game. (DiSalvo stopped 19 of 23 shots)

Michael Hutchinson (NHL: Boston 3rd rd/77th overall)
Report: Oct/18/08: Hutchinson came in for DiSalvo and played very solid, had several highlight reel saves. Great positioning, uses the butterfly appropriately knowing when to go down and when to stay up. Quick glove hand and was good on the breakaway. (Hutchinson stopped 10 of 11 shots)

October 24. - Sarnia vs. Ottawa

Thomas Nesbitt (NHL: Eligible in 2009, 1990 born)
Report: Oct/24/08: Nesbitt played very impressively he had great speed, and seemed to affect the game every time he was on the ice, he made two very nice passes to set up two goals in tonights game. Was passed over last year, but could be a good sleeper pick in the late rounds this year as his game seems to have improved from last year. Very quick skater. (Nesbitt had 1G, 2A, 2PIM)


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