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Ryan Yessie's Mid Season Top 30 for 2010

Ryan returns with his mid season Top 30 for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. A very interesting list from Ryan considering it includes some names we haven't really seen in the Top 30 before...or for a while. Obviously some things I strongly disagree with (lack of Jared Knight, Burmistrov as low as he is), but I think it's important to read another perspective on things. Just to remind you, here's my mid season Top 30.

Ryan Yessie's Midseason Top 30

1. Talyor Hall - Left Wing - Windsor Spitfires
The most talented player entering the draft in 2010. Some have dropped him from top spot, but to me this is no different than what John Tavares, and Steven Stamkos faced the last 2 drafts. At the end of the day Hall at #1 is a no-brainer.
2. Tyler Seguin - Center - Plymouth Whalers
Although Seguin has been unimpressive in the two games I’ve seen him this year. There’s no denying his top end talent. He has great speed and can finish with the best of them. Seguin has the ability to cycle the puck, as well as feed it to the open man in traffic. Seguin will be a top line center in the NHL.
3. Cam Fowler - Defenceman - Windsor Spitfires
Fowler has great speed, and combines that with great size. He has the intangibles to become one of the most potent two-way defencemen in the NHL if he adds muscle to his frame.
4. Erik Gudbranson - Defenecman - Kingston Frontenacs
A few big steps away from Fowler, Gudbranson has been very unlucky this year, but still projects to be pretty safe in terms of becoming a top 4 defenceman, with the potential of being a top 2.
5. John McFarland - Center - Sudbury Wolves
There’s no questioning McFarland’s upside, but his realistic potential may not be as high as previously assumed. Not sure what to think about McFraland just yet, apparently the talent is there, but the effort hasn’t been at some times, but no one has combined the play, and projectable size to push themselves ahead of McFarland on my list yet.
6. Ryan Spooner - Center - Peterborough Petes
When it comes to pure puck handling ability, to me Spooner is not far behind Hall and Seguin. Spooner has an unbelievable ability to create offense. Although he doesn’t have the desired size, his talent alone puts him 6th on my list.
7. Stephen Silas - Defenecman - Belleville Bulls
Silas has impressed me every time I see him. He moves the puck so well, but is so smart positionally, and has never been a defensive liability in any of my viewings. An offensive defenceman with great puck moving skills, and safe defensively, I believe Silas will be a solid 2nd pairing defenceman + PPQB.
8. Jeff Skinner - Center - Kitchener Rangers
Skinner is a great two-way center for Kitchener. He’s displayed untapped offensive abilities, plays hard every shift, and is very safe in his own zone.
9. Ivan Telegin - Center - Saginaw Spirit
Telegin is one of the few Russian prospects that really seem like they’re made for the North American game. Great puck skills and excellent finishing ability when in scoring position. Not afraid to throw the big hit, defiantly one of the big risers from the start of this season.
10. Tyler Toffoli - Right Wing - Ottawa 67’s
Toffoli came off to a horrible start, but since then has been on fire. Toffoli is a solid skater, and is equally good at scoring as well as setting up the goals.
11. Ryan Martindale - Center - Ottawa 67’s
Martindale was pegged a 1st rounder last year, and has done a great job keeping up with those projections. Martindale has great size, and protects the puck very well. Also Martindale is very underrated in his own zone. I believe Martindale is a better version of the player Greg Nemisz is.
12. Alexander Burmistrov - Center - Barrie Colts
Burmistrov has great skill, and handles the puck among the best draft eligible players. He does however have a bit of an issue with his size, combined with the fact several observers (including myself) have found him to be soft, and sometimes timid when the game gets physical, the combination of the two may affect how he is able to be utilized in the NHL.
13. Steven Shipley - Center - Owen Sound Attack
Shipley for me lands just ahead of Hishon. He may not have the top level offensive skill, but his skill set is underrated, plus he has NHL ready size. Shipley can play all aspects of the game, which makes him a valuable prospect.
14. Joey Hishon - Center - Owen Sound Attack
Hishon is an excellent offensive talent, and also spends time on the PK as well. Speed is his greatest asset, however Hishon has faced injury problems this yeah that may have effected his rankings thus far.
15. Devante Smith-Pelly - Left Wing - Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors
Smith-Pelly has always been regarded as a potential NHL prospect, but he’s come out flying as one of the most potent goal scorer’s in the league. Smith-Pelly combines his goal scoring abilities with grit and physical play, and could continue to see his star rise in the rankings.
16. Andrew Yogan - Center - Erie Otters
Yogan has great size, and protects the puck well. He has the potential to be a very effective goal scorer, or just a 3rd line energy guy in the NHL.
17. Brandon Archibald - Defenceman - SOO Greyhounds
Archibald is a guy who I have gone back and forth on. But in the end, he has some good offensive capabilities, skates decent for someone his size. If he would hit more it would really improve his placement in the rankings.
18. Brock Beukeboom - Defenceman - SOO Greyhounds
Beukeboom doesn’t have as many offensive tools as his SOO teammate, but is certainly better in his own zone, and much more physical. Also Beukeboom seems to have solid positioning and hockey sense.
19. Justin Shugg - Right Wing - Windsor Spitfires
Shugg seems to be hiding in the shadows of his current Spitfire teammates. He has shown decent speed, and good offensive skill set. Also has been willing to throw some solid hits as well.
20. Ryan O’Connor - Defenceman - Saginaw Spirit
Not sure how Ryan O’Connor has fallen off everyone’s radar. O’Connor must overcome his small size, but he has very good speed, great offensive skills, and is not afraid to throw the body. O’Connor has fallen in my rankings, but I still really like him as a future NHL defenceman, but his size will be his greatest obsticle.
21. Austin Watson - Right Wing - Peterborough Petes
Watson’s true offensive potential has been put into question, but there’s no denying his great play along the wall, and his strong defensive effort combined with good size. Just not sold on the offensive part of his game yet.
22. Philipp Grubauer - Goaltender - Windsor Spitfires
Grubauer was brought in to Windsor to help the team win a memorial cup. He has played great internationally, and if the save is possible chances are he’ll make it. Not a big year for goaltenders, but Grubauer IMO is the best there is this year.
23. Joe Rogalski - Defenceman - Sarnia Sting
Rogalski combines solid skating abilities with good puck movement, and good size, however doesn’t have the big shot most offensive defencemen have from the point.
24. Geoffrey Schemitsch - Defenceman - Owen Sound Attack
Schemitsch, like De haan last year, has seemingly come out of nowhere to become a very solid offensive defenecman in the OHL this year.
25. Philip Lane - Right Wing - Brampton Battalion
Lane combines size, puck protection and a good shot into his his offensive skill set. However his game to game effort has been brought into question
26. J.P. Anderson - Goaltender - Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors
Anderson came out of nowhere in the 2009 playoffs to become recognized as a potential NHL prospect.
27. Roman Berdnikov - Right Wing - Owen Sound Attack
Berdnikov got off to a slow start in the OHL, but seems to be adjusting to the North American style and is starting to produce offensively.
28. Austin Levi - Defenceman - Plymouth Whalers
Levi has got some solid defensive defenceman potential. Has the ability to throw a massive hit, but must be safer and more selective about these hits.
29. Adam Sedlak - Defenceman - Peterborough Petes
Sedlak is a solid puck moving defenceman with good speed, however his hockey sense has come into question on multiple occasions
30. Nathan Chiarlitti - Defenceman - Sarnia Sting
Chiarlitti is a very safe, and smart defensive defenceman, almost always making the intelligent decision out of his own zone. Chiarlitti has displayed excellent leadership through his career despite still only being 17. Chiarlitti is not expected to create a lot of offence, however may still have some untapped offense in him.

Honourable Mentions
Christian Thomas - Right Wing - Oshawa Generals
Thomas is small but has a lot of skill. Haven’t been impressed when I’ve seen him play, but he could still come out with a strong 2nd half and fly up the rankings.

Cameron Wind - Defenceman - Brampton Battalion
Wind is a solid puck mover with a good understanding of the game. He seems like an offensive defenceman, but doesn’t have all the tools to move himself high enough up the charts in terms of an offensive defenceman

Greg McKegg - Center - Erie Otters
McKegg is a guy who is hard to predict as he shows a lot of potential one shift then disappears for a while. McKegg will need to overcome this inconsistency to become the legitimate prospect he could be.

Dalton Smith - Left Wing - Ottawa 67’s
Smith is another guy I’ve heard a lot of good things about, but have never witnessed them myself. Smith sounds like he has great power forward potential, and hopefully he will continue to improve over the second half of the season.

Michael Kantor - Right Wing - Saginaw Spirit
Kantor has admittedly been someone I haven’t heard much of before Saginaw signed him to a contract, but already has 15 PIM and 3 points in 3 games since joining the OHL. Sounds like he’s got a great combination of size and skill, and is definitely a player to watch this second half.

Jared Knight - Center - London Knights
Knight is another player I know there is a lot more potential of, but hasn’t shown it yet. Knight was diagnosed with Diabetes earlier this season, and may have had a profound effect on his play. With this now being treated, Knight does look a lot better on the ice, and hopefully this will lead to a breakout second half for him.

Josh Shalla - Left Wing - Saginaw Spirit
Shalla has projectable size, and a outstandingly quick and accurate shot. However Shalla’s skating is just too much to overlook thus far into the OHL season. Skating will make or break Shalla’s NHL career, because he certainly appears to be a complete enough player to make it with the rest of his skills.


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Ryan said...

Well in terms of the prospects you disagree on...

Jared Knight - Hasn't really stood out to me, he looks like a smaller version of Austin Watson, and Watson gets as high as he is because his size and skill, but isn't as high due to offense. He hasn't looked like the prospect i thought he was, and thats why I mentioned Diabetes, because although he i'm sure doesn't want to use it as an excuse, it may very well have something to do with him looking slugish all the games i've seen him, also it's a tribute to how deep this draft is in the OHL..

Alexander Burmistrov - I've seen him a few times.. there's no denying his talent and i can't see him dropping off any more. But he seems to try to do too much sometimes and absolutely gets decked, so i can't imagine what will happen to him when he's against bigger, older, and more mobile defensemen. Unlike some imports that seem to embrace the physicality and adapts, he still to this date doesn't seem to have adapted from my viewings.. there's no doubt he'll be good. He's more dynamic than the numerous players ahead of him that you disagee on, but some of these guys (Like Spooner) handle the physicality alot better, and seems to only make the slick moves that's needed not the extra 2,3,4 moves that will not fly at higher levels. Thats why he remains high, just dropped off. I liked Toffoli last eyar, and he seems to be recovering from a weak start thats why he's up there.