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Ryan Yessie's Sarnia Sting Mid Season Report

2009-2010 Sarnia Sting Mid-Season Report

J.C. Campagna - #8 - LW - YOB: 1993 - 6‘1” - 170lbs.

NHL: Eligible in 2011
Campagna has cooled off after his quick start. He’s got a decent shot, but needs to put himself in better scoring positions to utilize it. When I see Camapagna, I see a little be of a more tame version or former Sting Daniel Carcillo when he was with the team in J.C.’s game. Campagna looks like he could be destined for a role as a 3rd line agitator at an NHL level, however it is really too early to tell if he will maintain, surpass, or decline from those early projections. Where Francisco and Ritchie have been playing with more confidence, and gaining more offensive roles, Campagna has level himself down to being a checking role player that can sometimes get involved on the offensive play. Defensively he’s been pretty decent, although his positioning could use improvement.
Campagna has - 37GP - 5G - 6A - 11PTS - 32PIM

Brandon Francisco - #9 - RW - YOB: 1993 - 5‘10” - 155lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2011
Francisco got off to a bit of a slow start. Francisco had some bad habits not back checking as much as he should have, trying to carry the puck way too much without passing it up, and would buckle under pressure in front of the net. Francisco had many opportunities to score and just put it over the net, missed wide, or had it jump off his stick. If he could have taken advantage of those opportunities he would easily have 10 more goals than he does now. Francisco started out with 7 pts. In the first 34 games. But going into Sunday’s game Francisco had 2G, 3A and 5 PTS in his last 5 games. Francisco as a prospect has a lot going for him he has great speed, handles the puck well, has a quick release on a shot that is only a half inch off the mark a lot of the time, and on top of it is very disciplined. When he gets that half inch back into his game as he develops, he could be a multi-season 30 goal scorer, and possibly a 40 goal scorer before his junior career is over. Francisco has the ability to become a top 6 forward at the NHL level, but will need to overcome his size, improve defensively, and commit to the weight room (the sooner the better) if he wants to be an NHL forward.
Francisco has 40GP - 5G - 7A - 12PTS - 2PIM

Brandon Alderson - #18 - RW - YOB: 1992 - 6‘4” - 195lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
I’m going to be totally honest on this one. Brock deserves all the credit for pointing this young man out the first few games of the season. Alderson has been very impressive and looks like he’s going to turn out to be a very effective OHL player. Alderson has outstanding speed for 17 year old at 6’4” He handles the puck well, and makes smart plays to help his team. He’s safe in his defensive zone and seems to be developing a skill for putting the puck in the net. Alderson has an excellent wrist shot and leads all Sting rookies with 10 goals. It’s hard to project where Alderson could go and what he could develop into because he just simply continues to improve every single game. It’s scary to think of where he could be 2-3 years from now if he keeps this up. Alderson in terms of an NHL projection is about 15 lbs, and a mean streak away from becoming a potential 2nd line power forward. He’s already safe defensively, and even with an extra 15 lbs. Alderson would still be well ahead of the curve in terms of skating among power forwards. Sting may have found themselves a diamond in the rough with Alderson.
Alderson has 42GP - 10G - 7A - 17PTS - 16PIM

Brett Ritchie - #20 - RW - YOB: 1993 - 6‘3” - 190lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2011
Ritchie, like Francisco really needed to get a feel for the OHL for the first little bit. He didn’t seem willing to engage physically, and seemed to just want to make the safe play and not utilize his size. He was very inconsistent, as he was rolling along very well in early/mid October and seemed to have found his game, but then went 10 games only registering 1 assist and not really being much of a factor in any of those games. The turning point in Ritchie’s season may have been the Semi-Finals of the World U-17 tournament. Ritchie scored two goals, and one that sealed the deal for Ontario’s trip to the finals. Ontario lost 2-1 to USA but as the 3rd period wore on Ritchie was generating chance after chance and saw his ice time increase more as he nearly scored multiple times in the last 10 minutes of that game. That tournament seemed to have sparked Ritchie, as he has looked exceptional in his games since then. Ritchie has good speed for someone his size, he’s protecting the puck well, and is playing hard in the corners. Like Alderson; Ritchie could really use a mean streak at times, and could use another 15-20 lbs. in upper body strength. He will likely be a bit of a project for whoever drafts him in 2011, but he has all the intangibles of a top 6 forward prospect in the NHL. If Ritchie continues this pace, he could have an explosive second half of the season.
Ritchie has 40GP - 7G - 7A - 14PTS - 31PIM

Ben O’Quinn - #22 - C - YOB: 1991 - 6‘1” - 185lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Going into this season Ben O’Quinn looked like he would have something to prove in terms of potentially becoming an NHL prospect. He has a solid defensive game, as well as good skating, and is solid along the boards. Also 16 games into the season he already had 7G, 8A to go along with his sound defensive play. However after he scored the winning goal midway through the 2nd period on October 31st, Ben O’Quinn would only score one more goal until January 9th 2010. In that span of of 22 games O’Quinn would put up only 1G and 3A. This pretty much destroyed any chance of O’Quinn becoming an NHL draftee. However O’Quinn does seem to be turning his two-way game around, and could have a very strong second half. He’s got more talent than he showed in November and December, and although I don’t doubt his ability to play pro hockey when his OHL career completes, O’Quinn will likely take the long road if he ever aspires to be an NHL player.
O’Quinn has 42GP - 9G - 13A - 22PTS - 16 PIM

Kyle Neuber - #24 - RW - YOB: 1989 - 6‘2” - 215lbs.
NHL: 7th Round - 197th Overall by Columbus in 2009
For the first two months or so Kyle Neuber was easily the most frustrating part of the Sarnia Sting roster. He was not engaging physically very much, he appeared to be trying to be a finesse player, carrying the puck, stick handling around defenders, and on the rare occasion he would get by the defenceman, he didn’t have the speed to stay ahead for long. He was a fairly detrimental part to the team the first quarter. Coach/GM Dave MacQueen had a private meeting with Neuber in which he said he had good discussions with Kyle on his role with the team. Neuber has responded to that playing much better the second quarter of this season, playing a much more physical, and intimidating brand of hockey. Neuber still carries the puck sometimes when he shouldn’t, but is a little more responsible in dumping it in and not trying to do too much. Neuber has had some big heavyweight tilts and is regarded be most to be the toughest figher in the OHL this year. Neuber is on pace as expected with 4G and 7PTS midway through the season, I’d expect 8G, 15-17PTS out of Neuber, and he has an outside shot of getting to 200 PIM. Not much to say about Neuber talent wise, he’s limited in the skating, and puck handling department, he’s a devastating hitter, and if he continues to play his role he will be a very beneficial part of this Sarnia team. His job now will be to keep opponents honest, and punish those that go after the future talents of this franchise. If he is effective in doing this, he will likely fall into favour with the Columbus Blue Jackets if he can get his skating up to an adequate level for a pro hockey player.
Neuber has 35GP - 4G - 3A - 7PTS - 123PIM

Miroslav Preisinger - #28 - C - YOB: 1991 - 6‘0” - 175lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Of all the Sting players, Miro Preisinger is the toughest to judge. He started out his career as a player who would disappear once the game got rough. By the end of the season he was a physical presence and threw the hit of the year for the Sting on Michael Latta. Preisinger has got outstanding passing ability, and has threaded some amazing passes that have resulted in goals since joining the Sting. He has solid stick handling ability and a respectable wrist shot. However Preisinger never seems to put all these together in a consistent basis. He has cooled off on fighting, as he hasn’t dropped the gloves in 2 months, and the second last fight was a one punch TKO of overager Chris MacKinnon. The second half is very unpredictable for Preisinger. If he explodes offensively he could wind up with 20 goals this season. Preisinger is a player who, if he can put all his skills together into a consistent package he would be a can’t miss prospect. However only bits and pieces of those skills are found spread across different games.
Preisinger has 41GP - 10G - 6A - 16PTS - 47PIM

Kale Kerbashian - #44 - C - YOB: 1991 - 5‘11” - 173lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Kerbashian has been an offensive leader for the Sting while he’s been in the line-up. He’s had a couple injuries that have kept him out at different times of the season. Kerbashian has shown great speed, and puck handling, although sometimes unable to finish on a great play he’s made, there’s no denying the talent. Kerbashian also is reliable in his own zone, and has been critical in a few Sarnia victories already this year. Concussion problems have bothered Kerbashian as he has suffered two so far halfway through the season. Kale was expected to break out a little more offensively, but with a quick recovery and a strong second half he could potentially be the only 20 goal scorer for Sarnia this year. Entering his last draft year it’s hard to see Kerbashian getting picked, however wouldn’t look out of place going in the 6th or 7th round either. He has a lot of skill, the question is if he could transfer that to a 3rd line role in the NHL.
Kerbashian has 36GP - 13G - 16A - 29PTS - 15PIM

Nathan Chiarlitti - #5 - D - YOB: 1991 - 6‘0” - 185lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Chiarlitti has really improved this season. He is showing he does have some offensive skills, although will likely wind up being a defensive first defenceman. When I try to compare him to another defenceman I think of Danny Syvret with a little less offensive play. Chiarlitti has great hockey sense and IQ in terms of anticipating a play, and moving the puck in terms of making the safe play. He has got burned in 1 on 1 situations, and will need to be more patient in letting the forward do what he is going to do and make the safe play as he does in other situations, he generally bites on one of the dekes of the higher skilled players and has been left in the dust, however he has appeared to improve on that in the last couple games from what I’ve seen. Chiarlitti’s skating is not an issue nor a strength. It’s improved but still at about average for the OHL. Possibly the best kept secret in the Sting organization is the fact that Nathan Chiarlitti will succeed Jordan Hill as the captain of this team, and unless something drastic happens will likely become one of the longest serving captains in team history (3-3.5 years) as he’s expected to play out his junior eligibility. Another area Nathan needs to improve on is his physical play. He has opened up a little, but still needs to be able to throw the odd solid hit here and there if he is going to be regarded as defensive NHL prospect. Chiarlitti doesn’t have one standout skill, he is not horrible in anything, but is not great at anything either, so at 6’0”, 185lbs. That may make things tough for him in establishing himself as a prospect. Chiarlitti’s greatest assets are his hockey sense in his own zone, puck moving abilities, discipline in only taking smart penalties most of the time, and his leadership abilities. This combination should by all means draw in at least one team in the late rounds of the draft. I currently have Nathan projected around the 5th-6th round.
Chiarlitti has 43GP - 3G - 8A - 11PTS - 35PIM

Jordan Hill - #41 - D - YOB: 1989 - 6‘2” - 195lbs.
NHL: Free Agent
Jordan Hill is a very capable and physical defensive defenceman. He plays a safe game and has excellent positioning. Hill, like former Sting Matt Martin came from seemingly nowhere to become a depth player for the Sting. Then after a year quickly became an impact player for the franchise. Hill also showed this year he has a little untapped offensive potential in the form of a big point shot. Hill by all means should be able to attract an AHL contract, and maybe even an NHL one at the completion of this OHL season.
Hill has 41GP - 4G - 15A - 19PTS - 55PIM

Joe Rogalski - #74 - D - YOB: 1991 - 6‘3” - 185lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
After 2+ years of inconsistency, Rogalski has finally put his skil lset together. Rogalski is very streaky offensively, but has outstanding skating ability, as well as the ability to move the puck. He is much better to carry the puck up the ice rather than pass it, as he has made a few bad giveaways in the past. Rogalski is not getting the PP time he probably could handle, but is a very capable puck mover when he is out there. Rogalski does have some issues taking a bad penalty here and there, and sometimes takes a shift or two off. The thing about Rogalski’s flaws are they are all fairly correctable as he moves on to the pro ranks. Combined with his skating, and puck moving assets, he could become a potential steal in the mid rounds of this draft if he can continue to develop his skills.
Rogalski has 43GP - 4G - 16A - 20PTS - 53PIM

Adam Courchaine - #1 - G - YOB: 1989 - 6‘3” - 185lbs.
NHL: Signed as a Free Agent by Boston in 2008
Courchaine has been very streaky this year, he played very solid through October and November, only to put forward a lackluster effort in December as well as the first game in January. Then throw in a stellar performance against Windsor on trade deadline weekend. Courchaine has the ability to make the big save at the big time. He is not shy about playing the puck and does so in very reckless fashion at times. Courchaine challenges shooters, and is able to recover in time to stop the 2nd shot nearly every time. Courchaine is a pick-up of the Boston Bruins, and will likely battle for AHL time at the end of this season for the foreseeable future.
Courchiane has 8W - 16L - 1OTL - 1SO - 3.51 GAA - .899 SV%
Shayne Campbell - #30 - G - YOB: 1992 - 6‘2” - 175lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2011
Campbell has a very wide spectrum in terms of what people seem to expect from him. I personally see Campbell as a potential prospect in the NHL. Campbell’s greatest asset is his reflexes, and quickness watching him play the last few years if there’s one thing Campbell can do is kick out a pad, or flash the glove at the last possible second, reflexes are just as good as any goaltender out there. His recovery ability is another very strong asset for Campbell. This is important as he tends to give up too many rebounds. His positioning is something he needs to work on as well. He does appear to have improved in that area, but it used to cost him goals earlier in his career. Finally on the list is lateral movement. Again Campbell is improving in that area. Campbell has kept a very positive and professional attitude. He has remained patient, despite his lack of starts at times and now appears to be in position to spend the final 30 games of the season proving that he in fact is the goaltender of the future. Goaltenders Jesse Raymond and Jamie Phillips will be knocking at the door if Campbell doesn’t show he is capable of carrying the load on a consistent basis, and consistency has been Campbell’s biggest obstacle. He won 4 starts in a row including an outstanding effort playing against Kitchener just outside his hometown of Cambridge. He has put forward multiple stellar outings against Windsor and London to go along with his great start in Kitchener, which speaks volumes about Campbell’s ability to handle fire under pressure. Campbell however has had a history of randomly giving up 6, 7 goals in a game on occasion. A long evaluation of a player who can be summed up in two sentences. Great reflexes, quickness, and the ability to perform under pressure, who need to work on his lateral movement, cutting down angles, and cutting out the occasional night off. If Campbell plays well there’s little doubt he’ll be a potential pick-up in the 2011 draft. His future in the NHL should he make it would likely be as a back-up goaltender, as it’s not very likely he could handle full-time duties at the highest level, even with all his assets.
Campbell has 5W - 7L - 1OT - 4.25 GAA - .881 SV%


Anonymous said...

Campbell is a November '92 DOB and is not eligible until the 2012 NHL Draft.

Brock Otten said...

You are correct about his birthdate, but non late 1992's are eligible this year in 2010, which means that Campbell's November 1992 DOB makes him eligible in 2011.

Late birthday 1993's will be eligible in Ottawa's Cody Ceci.