Monday, January 12, 2009

Central Scouting Bureau's Midterm Rankings

The NHL's Central Scouting Bureau released their midterm rankings for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft today. In case you don't remember, the CSB released their preliminary rankings in mid November of 2008, and they can be found here. This list, differing from the preliminary one, is no longer divided by developmental league, but instead is one entire list for players currently playing in North America.

The following is a breakdown of the placement of all Ontario Hockey League listees...

1. John Tavares - London
2. Matt Duchene - Brampton
9. Peter Holland - Guelph
11. Nazem Kadri - London
15. Ryan Ellis - Windsor
24. Zack Kassian - Peterborough
35. Ryan O'Reilly - Erie
38. Calvin de Haan - Oshawa
42. Michael Latta - Guelph
43. Ethan Werek - Kingston
48. Alex Hutchings - Barrie
50. Taylor Beck - Guelph
53. Jordan Szwarz - Saginaw
58. Matthew Clark - Brampton
62. Jesse Blacker - Windsor
66. Garrett Wilson - Owen Sound
71. Taylor Doherty - Kingston
86. Zach Tatrn - Peterborough
88. Bjorn Krupp - Belleville
90. Phil Varone - London
95. Tyler Randell - Kitchener
96. Michael Fine - Sault Ste. Marie
98. Marcus Foligno - Sudbury
100. Ben Chiarot - Guelph
103. Simon Gronvaldt - Kitchener
114. Paul Bezzo - Owen Sound
131. Jordan Mayer - Mississauga
132. Casey Cizikas - Mississauga
133. Luke Judson - Belleville
134. Darren Archibald - Barrie
139. Marc Zanetti - Ottawa
143. Adam Payerl - Barrie
144. Brett Flemming - Mississauga
150. Matthew Tipoff - Belleville
175. Tyler Hostetter - Erie
177. Kyle Clifford - Barrie
201. Andy Andreoff - Oshawa

1. Edward Pasquale - Saginaw
2. Scott Stajcer - Owen Sound
8. Matthew Hackett - Plymouth
10. Michael Zador - Oshawa
13. Peter Di Salvo - Barrie
16. Chris Perugini - Ottawa
18. Jaroslav Janus - Erie
22. Alain Valinquette - Sudbury
30. Brandon Foote - Guelph

The full lists can be found here.

My Comments:
  • Some of you may be asking yourselves, who on earth is Zach Tatrn? Oddly enough, I found myself asking the same question. In all the times I've seen Peterborough play, I've never noticed him. Mind you, he's only played 10 games this year, and wasn't in the line up any of the times the Dogs and Petes clashed. However, I saw Peterborough a lot last season and can't say I ever remember noticing him for good or for bad. He's pointless in 10 games this season, so you have to ask yourself. What is it that CSB sees in Tatrn?
  • I'm pretty surprised by the absence of four guys on the list. Those being Andrew Agozzino, Peter Hermenegildo, Beau Schmitz, and Taylor Carnevale. Agozzino, Hermenegildo, and Schmitz were all ranked inside my midseason OHL top 30, while Carnevale was the top guy on my Honorable Mentions list. I can't say I agree with their absence. In Agozzino's case, it's somewhat baffling to me how Phil Varone can be ranked 90th, yet Aggy is not ranked. I think they are pretty damn similar players with similar drawbacks, the only difference being that Agozzino is a 1991,while Varone is a late 1990.
  • In terms of the goalies, I'd say it's pretty accurate. I'm a little surprised by Matt Hackett being so high as a draft re-entry, but he's had a good season in Plymouth and is worthy of being on that list somewhere.
  • While I'm not surprised by Casey Cizikas' ranking, I can't say I agree. While I have admitted previously that the kid seems to play his best games when I get to watch him, at the same time, he's obviously got talent. He has some consistency issues, but he had a much better December, and is continuing it into January thus far. But I suppose the CSB folks saw him play when he was not a factor.
  • I still can't agree with Bjorn Krupp being ranked so high. Bloodlines, schmoodlines. The guy just isn't a factor in the game, and I can't see how he still gets ranked as highly as he does (although his ranking does seem to be slowly decreasing).
  • Finally, it's good to see Jordan Szwarz finally getting some credit. Ryan Yessie and myself, have both come away very impressed with him in our viewings this season.
For comparison's sake, my Midterm OHL rankings can be found here.

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