Thursday, April 28, 2011

OHL Playoff Pool - Results After Conference Finals

Update after the Conference Finals

Patrick King - 34 points (10 points remaining)
Steve Clark - 26 points (10 points remaining)
Scott Campbell - 26 points (10 points remaining)
Brock Otten - 18 points (0 points remaining)

So Patrick has this thing all locked up after successfully predicting the two teams facing off for the OHL title (Mississauga and Owen Sound).

Congrats to Patrick.

A sad end for myself, as with Niagara's loss, I was eliminated and shoved to the bottom of the standings. It was a bold prediction, but I stand by it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brock,

You're in a bitching slump.

It all started with that disastrous 94 top 10 especially your 1st overall.

I guess you're only human afterall.

J/K, great interviews and insight dude. Please keep it coming!

ps. while Sager is a great reporter and writes with a flair, your articles & interviews have great analysis and much better insight.

Jatin Sethi said...

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