Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings

NHL Central Scouting released their final rankings today for the 2016 NHL Draft.

Here's how OHL players ranked:


1. Matthew Tkachuk (2)
2. Alex Nylander (3)
3. Jakob Chychrun (4)
4. Olli Juolevi (5)
5. Logan Brown (7)
6. Mikhail Sergachev (8)
7. Michael McLeod (13)
8. Max Jones (14)
9. Logan Stanley (19)
10. Alex Debrincat (21)
11. Boris Katchouk (25)
12. Jack Kopacka (33)
13. Jordan Kyrou (34)
14. Nathan Bastian (35)
15. Taylor Raddysh (36)
16. Tim Gettinger (37)
17. Cam Dineen (39)
18. Adam Mascherin (42)
19. Will Bitten (43)
20. Markus Niemelainen (52)
21. Givani Smith (54)
22. Ben Gleason (58)
23. Sean Day (59)
24. Riley Stillman (66)
25. Nicholas Caamano (69)
26. Keaton Middleton (71)
27. Victor Mete (74)
28. Cliff Pu (75)
29. Anthony Salinitri (84)
30. Cole Candella (85)
31. Connor Bunnaman (87)
32. Stepan Falkovsky (91)
33. Travis Barron (94)
34. Jonathan Ang (95)
35. Jordan Sambrook (96)
36. Connor Hall (100)
37. Ondrej Kachyna (101)
38. Kyle Maksimovich (103)
39. Domenic Commisso (111)
40. Hayden Verbeek (125)
41. Dmitri Sokolov (129)
42. Chris Paquette (130)
43. Alan Lyszczarczyk (134)
44. Austin Osmanski (135)
45. Nicolas Mattinen (136)
46. Justin Murray (137)
47. Noah Carroll (139)
48. Brandon Saigeon (148)
49. James McEwan (163)
50. Tye Felhaber (167)
51. Dante Salituro (172)
52. Justin Brazeau (179)
53. Brandon Crawley (182)
54. Matt Luff (183)
55. Tyler Nother (186)
56. Michael Pezzetta (197)
57. Sean Allen (202)
58. Daniel Muzito Begenda (205)


1. Tyler Parsons (3)
2. Joseph Raaymakers (9)
3. Dylan Wells (10)
4. Evan Cormier (11)
5. Jeremy Helvig (15)
6. Troy Timpano (19)
7. Stephen Dhillon (22)
8. David Ovsjannikov (24)
9. Connor Hicks (27)

For the full list, click here

General Musings:

1. Biggest Risers:
Connor Hall - +110
Nicholas Caamano - +79
Cam Dineen - +78
Ondrej Kachyna - +72
Jonathan Ang - +42
Anthony Salinitri - +42
James McEwan - +39
Hayden Verbeek - +39
Justin Murray - +34
Justin Brazeau - +28
Matt Luff - +27
Tyler Nother - +24
Riley Stillman - +22
Adam Mascherin - +15

2. Biggest Fallers:
Konstantin Chernyuk - -106
Brandon Crawley - -86
Drake Rymsha - -67
Dante Salituro - -66
Noah Carroll - -59
Ben Hawerchuk - -51
Luke Kirwan - -44
Chris Paquette - -43
Dmitri Sokolov - -38
Travis Barron - -34
Nicolas Mattinen - -33
Luke Kutkevicius - -30
Christian Mieritz - -28
Tye Felhaber - -28
Cole Candella - -20
Nathan Bastian - -16
Sean Day - -16
Keaton Middleton - -16
Victor Mete - -16

3. Biggest thing that stood out for me is the ranking of Michael McLeod. He drops to 13th in NA. Don't agree with that at all. McKeens just ranked him 3rd for the entire draft. Don't agree with that either, but there should be a middle ground. He's a guy who'll have a great U18's and should be a lock for the top 10 if that happens. In general, it seems like NHLCS wasn't a huge fan of Mississauga's second half since McLeod, Bastian, Day all tumbled.

4. Great to see Jeremy Helvig appear on the list and relatively high. I'd go even higher with him. He'd be behind Tyler Parsons among OHL netminders for me as a re-entry. With his size and what he was able to do this year (improvement wise), he deserves to be a top 100 selection.

5. Great to see NHLCS wake up on three of the players that I had ranked significantly higher than them on the midseason rankings; Cam Dineen, Adam Mascherin, and Nicholas Caamano. Well deserved on all accounts.

6. In terms of guys not on the list that I probably would have ranked: Brett McKenzie, Zach Poirier, Eric Henderson, Drake Rymsha, Artem Artemov. McKenzie is the top re-entry available this year from the OHL (IMO) and with 8 of those types ranked, there's no question he should be there. Poirier was ranked at midseason and then not on this list. I thought he had a way better second half than first half. I expected him to be a riser, not a faller. Drake Rymsha had a tough year with injuries, but if you're ranking Brandon Saigeon, I think you need to rank Rymsha. Henderson looked great after the trade to Oshawa. And Artemov is another re-entry that should be on there.


Anonymous said...

Bob McKenzieVerified account
Some teams I've talked to believe Sergachev either challenging, or made the case, to be top defenceman in the draft. BTW, Jake Bean is 15th.

Anonymous said...

Interesting with all of the major mock drafts the top D - man in the draft 1/3 Juolevi 1/3 Sergachev and 1/3 Chychrun.

Is there much of a gap in your opinion since they are all in the OHL.

Brock Otten said...

Definitely not a huge gap at all. It honestly wouldn't shock me with any order of the three occurring in June. Heck, they could go back, to back, to back. They're that close.

I think, quite honestly, the one with the most to lose right now is Olli Juolevi. At this point, scouts have a great handle on the type of player he's going to become (potentially). Solid two-way minute eater who makes good decisions and can play in any situation. Will he win a Norris? Not likely. Will he be a 10 year NHL defender at 20 minutes a game? Probably. Talk to any scout and you'll find a pretty good consensus on him.

It's Chychrun and Sergachev that scouts are divided on a little bit. And their performances at the U18's will go a long way to convincing scouts one last time about their NHL potential, and potential to be leaders. If Sergachev can help this U17 Russia team (essentially anyway thanks to the doping scandal) to a miraculous medal, it would be quite the feat. He's already trending upwards because he's got the most offensive potential of the three at the next level. So if he can really have a dynamite U18's and be a team leader, it could push him above the other two.

Ditto for Jakob Chychrun. Scouts haven't had much opportunity to evaluate him against his peers. Missed the OHL Cup a few years ago. Missed the U17's. Missed the Ivan Hlinka. Didn't make the U20 team. So, there's no doubt that scouts are incredibly curious to see how he performs at the U18's. It could go a long way to convincing teams about his high end offensive potential. A great tournament for him and he could get the top spot back.

Bottom line, every scout will have their preference, but in reality, there isn't much separating these three guys.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Chychrun ceiling is Bouwmeester ?

Anonymous said...

Chychrun 3 goals in 62 games even strength. Not a top 5 pick