Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dave's Weekly Jumpers and Slumpers

I love adding new elements to the blog, which is why I've decided to bring on a weekly columnist by the name of Dave Astles. Dave already had a job here at the blog, as he has designed anything you see on it, from our flashy logo to the blog's layout. Dave's secondary job here at the blog will be to recap the week's performances in the aptly titled "Jumpers and Slumpers." Consider this a revisionist take on the overused Hot or Not list.

Here he is with the inaugural Dave's Weekly Jumpers and Slumpers...

While there are many great players in the OHL sometimes all we really want to know is which players are doing well and which ones might be holding their stick a little too tightly. Brock Otten has asked me to compile a weekly list of those who are putting fans on their feet and those who might be making fans head to the street. Last week's games provided us with some great action and here's who I thought stood out.


Western Conference

Tyler Seguin - Plymouth Whalers - 3 buries, 2 apples - 2 games played
Tyler looks to continue his strong play from last season as he leads the Whalers to hopefully a spot in the OHL playoffs. It might be a bit earlier to pin a teams hopes on a player but Tyler certainly has what it takes to be that go-to guy.

Taylor Hall - Windsor Spitfires - 3 buries , 3 apples - 2 games played
I promise to try and keep the man love to a minimum for what looks to be a repeat offender on this list for many weeks to come. A modest start for the projected number 1 overall pick in this years NHL draft. Come on Taylor, pick up the pace why don't you. Hall will also be a main contributor for this year's WJC team, so look for him to play with a purpose.

Greg Nemisz - Windsor Spitfires - 3 buries, 4 apples - 3 games played
I'm just warning you right now, if you don't like the Windsor Spitfires you might as well just skip over the Western conference each week. If it's not Hall or Nemisz (and it usually is) it'll be someone else on that team like Ryan Ellis or Richard Panik. It's just not fair.... oh yeah.... good work Greg!

Jordan Skellet - Saginaw Spirit - 1 bury, 4 apples - 2 games played
This kid has talent to burn and I believe that Saginaw is a lot stronger than they are getting credit for. Look for Skellet to see plenty of PP time this year. Jordan will be able to use his vision to find his teammates where ever they are on the ice. I've liked his skill level since his days in Mississauga, it's just been his attitude that usually needs an adjustment. I hope he's over that phase and can contribute consistently to a strong Saginaw squad.

Eastern Conference

Michael Farrell - Kingston Frontenacs - 2 buries, 3 apples - 3 games played
If not for a showboating goal I don't think I would have added Farrell to this list, but since he had the balls to do it, I have the balls to put him on this list. Kingston is looking to rebound from a terrible year and Farrell an older player in the OHL, is looking to be one of the leaders on this team. I wonder if Dougie had a little talk with him about that goal... in any event I think this kid will have a good year.

Taylor Carnevale - Barrie Colts - 3 buries, 3 apples - 2 games played
On a team that boasts a ton of fire power, we have a player that I consider to be somewhat of a sleeper on a very talented Barrie squad. He will be competing for ice time with the likes of Luke Pither, Bryan Cameron, and that Burmistrov kid too. I like what Carnevale adds to this team and if he can keep it up, theres not many teams that are going to be able to stop a team that has up to 3 offensively gifted lines on any given night.

Eric O’Dell – Sudbury Wolves – 3 buries, 4 apples – 3 games played
What kind of rink a dink blog would this be if I didn’t include the almighty Boston Pizza Player of the Week (10 items for $10 is back… and I expect a cheque in the mail for the shameless plug). Eric O’Dell shows us that it doesn’t matter if you are 150lbs soaking wet with jeans on, he can still put up points with the best of them. Look for this Boston Pizza regular to light up the OHL like the milky way in the middle of the Muskoka's (Brock apologizes for my lame analogies).

Anthony Luciani - Erie Otters - 4 buries - 3 games played
Each week I am going to look to give some props to "unsung heroes" as it may be and this week we look no further than Erie, Pennsylannia and see a player that has equaled his goal total of last year already in Mr. Luciani. This second year player looks to be a go-to guy on a team that is going to need to find offense with the surprise of hearing Ryan O'Reilly is going to be staying with Colorado, for at least a 9-game stint. Good work, Anthony!


I do not like to dwell on the negatives so each week I will only take 1 player from each conference and label them as my "Weekly Slumpers." They may not be the worst performers of the week, but they are players I expect more from.

Western Conference

Richard Panik - Windor Spitfires - 2 buries - 3 games played
Figured I should balance out the love for the Spits with some "haterade" if you will. With the amount of skill that Panik is supposed to have, I am unsure as to why he only has 2 goals thus far. Is the rest of the team playing keep away from him as part of an initiation?

Eastern Conference

Marco Insam - Niagara Ice Dogs - 1 bury, 1 apple - 3 games played
This Italian Stallion must be eating too much prosciutto before games, because he is going to be counted on to be one of the offensive leaders on this team. Insam, along with Agozzino and DeSousa, is one of the three main offensive players for Niagara and getting a measly 2 points in 3 games isn't going to cut it, Marco.


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