Friday, October 16, 2009

Ryan Yessie's Thoughts on Barrie and Sarnia from October 15

Sarnia had trouble containing Barrie's offensive push but great goaltending from Courchaine combined with a solid team effort helped Sarnia to their second consecutive win vs. a Top 10 team in Canada with a 3-2 victory over the Barrie Colts.

Alexander Burmistrov - #8 - C - YOB: 1992 - 6‘0” - 170lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: After seeing Burmistrov with all this hype around his game, there was the good and the bad but overall I was disappointed. In terms of skill Burmistrov is a very fast skater, he moves his legs quickly and is very shifty and can change directions on a dime. He handles the puck very well and has very gifted hands, mixed with speed and shiftiness he made a few Sting players look like house league players when chasing after him. He protects the puck well for someone at only 170. Burmistrov is a guy who could be a high percentage player for the shootouts, and could be a shootout specialist if he makes the NHL. He looked fairly reliable in the defensive zone. Generally when you have a player as flashy as Burmistrov they tend to float, but not Alex. He engaged very actively defensively and caused a few turnovers. The negative side is Burmistrov for one tries to do everything himself, and outright does not utilize his linemates whatsoever. Even during the power play he’d stickhandle his way into a situation that saw two of the four Sting players chasing him. Meanwhile, his defenceman with a wide open shot he refused to pass to him and eventually the puck was off Burmistrov’s stick and down the ice, this happened a few times, twice during the critical part of the game. Secondly Burmistrov whenever physical contact is engaged, if it becomes too much, he’ll fold like an accordion and act like he got shot. During the 2nd period he absolutely embarrassed himself. Preisinger’s stick came up near the face, but went wide over Burmistrov’s shoulder.. After the stick had alredy made it’s way up and down, Burmistrov randomly dropped to the ice flopping around and started crawling on his hands and knees probably about 8 to 10 feet trying to sell the high stick and acted like a player would if they were seriously injured and bleeding profusely. It was an absolutely pathetic display and the referee either wasn’t looking and thought he missed an obvious call, or is just plain incompetent because Preisinger received a high sticking call, there was not a trace of blood, and Burmistrov was back on the ice within 20-30 seconds. The raw skill is there for Burmistrov, he is an excellent skater and puck control expert and could be a game breaker in the offensive zone. But overall as a Canadian hockey fan Burmistrov is not someone I’d ever want to draft to my team just based on his ignorance for the integrity of the game, and his inability to handle anything more than the minimum physical contact without trying to act like he’s hurt.

Michael Sgarbossa - #11 - C - YOB: 1992 - 5‘11” - 165lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: Sgarbossa is a name I had circled going into this game, I’ve heard good about him, but he hasn’t done enough to really stand out in terms of a prospect for the 2010 draft. Sgarbossa looked pretty good out there at times, but really never created any scoring chances, also I believe he didn’t even have a shot on net. Barrie kept putting him out there in critical moments, and things such as his skating and puck moving seemed to help his team, but didn’t really stand out in any way.
(Sgarbossa was a +1)

Kyle Clifford - #13 - LW - YOB: 1991 - 6‘1” - 200lbs.
NHL: 2nd Round - 35th Overall by LA in 2009
Report: Oct/15/09: Clifford was the best player for Barrie in this game. He’s a very quick skater for someone his size, and he absolutely punished a few players with some massive hits. He mixes things up and makes things difficult for the opposing team in the offensive zone. Clifford had the first goal of the game, in which he created the play almost entirely on his own, as it looked like Sarnia was going to transition the puck out of the zone, Clifford delivered a massive hit behind the net, knocking the puck loose then got open for Della Rovere to pass it to him, and he buried it in an impressive 10 second or so set by Clifford. Later on he set up the tying goal in the 3rd period protecting the puck and making the right pass out to the point. Overall Clifford didn’t look like he had a weakness in his game. He skated better than someone his size, but hit harder than someone bigger as well. Impressed with Clifford overall.
(Clifford had 1G, 1A, +2)

Ryan Strome - #16 - C - YOB: 1993 - 5‘11” - 160lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2012
Report: Oct/15/09: Strome received limited ice time, but looked very impressive despite not making any eventual contributions towards the game. He did well in the face-off circle. He has a very quick release with a laser shot, unfortunately all 3 times that impressive shot when right into the logo of Adam Courchaine. Strome also showed off some good speed down the wing and carried the puck well. Definitely a positive first impression from this 16 year old.

Stefan Della Rovere - #19 - LW - YOB: 1993 - 5‘11” - 200lbs.
NHL: 7th Round - 204th Overall by Washington in 2008
Report: Oct/15/09: After Della Rovere was the talk of the rink for the following couple weeks after Barrie left last year, He was very surprisingly quiet during the game. He started out well making an excellent pass to Clifford to complete the play Clifford created. He did make a good hit or two, but was very undisciplined as well and is very lucky to come away with only two penalties. There are good penalties and bad penalties and Della Rovere could have had 4 or 5 really bad penalties called on him this game. Defensively he was alright but not as good as we’re accustom to seeing and hearing from Stefan. Overall an off game for SDR.
(Della Rovere had 1A, +2, 4PIM)

Ryan O’Connor - #21 - D - YOB: 1992 - 5‘8” - 175lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: If Clifford didn’t steal the show it would have been Ryan O’Connor that stood out for Barrie. I had O’Connor ranked #13 on my preliminary list, and Burmistrov #9. I think these two should at the very least be switching spots on that list, as O’Connor really played like a Ryan Ellis kind of defenceman. I know that comparison is getting beat to death but both have good offensive instincts, where as Ellis’ are better, O’Connor is better at carrying the puck up the ice, and his top speed is better, the first few steps for O’Connor could use work, but when he gets going he can fly. Unlike Ellis who is used mainly at his actual position; O’Connor moved up to forward several times on the special teams, and was many times the 4th forward on the ice while Barrie was down (which doesn’t seem to happen a lot this season) where they are similar and maybe where O’Connor is better is the physical department, however he got a little too rough and let Zach MacQueen get under his skin a little, and took an undisciplined penalty, but this guy is a hitting machine. He threw a couple hits that could be considered some of the biggest in this game, even with players twice his size throwing them, he really layed into a few guys at his size it was something else to see. Where Ellis has O’Connor beat is the natural anticipation for the play.. While O’Connor is not bad at this, it’s what sets Ellis apart from other smaller sized defencemen. Also judging by O’Connor’s shot it’s not where Ellis’ is. Overall I find myself comparing the two throughout this scouting report, but to best break it down the two are similar, and where Ellis may be more known for his anticipation and devastating point shot, O’Connor may be more established as a puck carrier who makes smart plays, and throws massive hits for his size.
(O’Connor was -1, 2PIM)

Josh Brittain - #22 - LW - YOB: 1993 - 6‘4” - 217lbs.
NHL: 3rd Round - 71st Overall by Anaheim in 2008
Report: Oct/15/09: Overall Brittain wasn’t a game breaker but he did help the Colts out tonight. Brittain unleashed a pretty solid shot, and went to the net hard every time he didn’t have the puck. He made power plays miserable for Courchaine and created a screen that made it very possible for Barrie to score if their power play was connecting better. Brittain really looks like a power forward, and could wind up in that role one day. He needs to get faster and be more willing to just throw his weight around at times.

Taylor Carnevale - #27 - LW - YOB: 1991 - 5‘11” - 184lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: Carnevale was passed over in last year’s draft, and was honestly not someone I heard a lot about until this season. He’s off to a great start this season which may once again make it possible for him to get drafted. Carnevale did very well in the face-off circle, and displayed good speed while carrying the puck up ice. Had a few chances to get some assists, as he appeared more willing to set up the goal than to score it.
(Carnevale was a +1)

Peter DiSalvo - #35 - G - YOB: 1990 - 6‘0” - 180lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: Honestly any chance of me considering DiSalvo a prospect anytime in the near future is gone. Last year I figured maybe it was just nerves coming back to Sarnia, but he played horrible tonight again, fortunately his team in front of him kept him in the game. DiSalvo looked fearful of playing the puck even in situations where Sarnia wasn’t pressuring he would give them an offensive zone face-off instead of passing the puck back behind the net for his defenceman. DiSalvo had decent reflexes, but oddly enough they were hit and miss as at times he looked like he had trouble reading shots. He gave up several rebounds. DiSalvo looks like an average OHL starter at best.
(DiSalvo stopped 20 of 23 shots)

Ben O’Quinn - #22 - C - YOB: 1991 - 6‘1” - 185lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: I can’t seem to help but always find myself impressed with Ben O’Quinn most games, especially where he came from being a 4th line/pk guy with 5 mins per game last year at this time. Jordan Hill may have scored the winning goal, but this play was created off the stick of Ben O’Quinn. He passed it through the sticks and skates of 4 players and threaded the needle right onto the stick of Hill to tap it into an open net. Earlier O’Quinn set up what was at the time the go ahead goal with a perfect pass to Hill, the point shot was going in however Kerbashian helped that out. O’Quinn was out there several times in critical defensive moments including the final 1:10 of the 3rd period with a one goal lead. I have a hard time not seeing O’Quinn getting drafted, based on the way he’s been playing game to game for Sarnia. Great hands, will never be a big time scorer, but they are good enough to make him a contributor on the 3rd line of some NHL team one day.
(O’Quinn had 2A)

Miroslav Preisinger - #28 - C - YOB: 1991 - 6‘0” - 175lbs.
NHL: Eligible in 2010
Report: Oct/15/09: So much for Preisinger being labeled a playmaker only. About half a period before Preisinger’s phantom high stick that sent Burmistrov into a seizure on tlhe ice, Preisinger collected up a drop pass and absolutely sniped a laser to the top shelf over DiSalvo’s glove hand, very few goaltenders would have been able to catch up to that. Opinions on Preisinger are hit or miss, but the fact remains he does own a good shot, can threat perfect passes through traffic, and is one of the most devastating import players physically in the OHL. How this season goes for him should be very interesting, but he does have a very real chance of getting picked up this year by an NHL team.
(1G, 2PIM)

Adam Courchaine - #1 - C - YOB: 1991 - 6‘3” - 185lbs.
NHL: Signed by Boston as a free agent in 2007
Report: Oct/15/09: This was Sarnia’s first look at Courchaine in a home game after his fight last week in Saginaw. Courchaine looked shaky at first giving up an early goal and almost giving up a few more in the 1st, but once he settled in he looked excellent. He had perfect positioning, and the quickness to cover up just in time, at times it almost looked like he wanted to make the second save dramatic. Rebounds were really the only issue in his game. Also has an awkward glove hand where he keeps it close to his waist almost like there’s one of those stretch ropes attached to it, it usually doesn’t leave his side, and when it does it’s nothing dramatic, but he made several good saves with it, so I guess whatever works. Overall Courchaine was great under pressure, as I mentioned rebounds were an issue but he did an outstanding job on the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th chances that would develop from them. He could be a huge trade asset for the Sting, maybe even to a team like Barrie who seems to be having issues with DiSalvo. If the goaltenders were on different sides, this would have likely been a 6-1 win for Barrie. I have to say I’m very impressed with Sarnia’s new goaltender, and although his style is a little unnerving at times, and does worry me despite the performance, he should be able to keep Sarnia in every game.
(Courchaine stopped 33 of 35 shots)



Anonymous said...

Kyle Clifford: NHL eligible 2010? He was drafted 35th overall in 2009 by L.A. Kings

Anonymous said...

Kyle Clifford was drafted in 2009 35th overall by the LA Kings, and signed with the Kings at the end of the Main Camp with the Kings in September. One of the last kids to be sent back to his major Jr. team.

Brock Otten said...

Yeah sorry guys, just a small mental error on Ryan's part. It's fixed now. Thanks for reading.

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Kyle Clifford was drafted in 2009 NOT 2008.

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Yes Clifford is LA Pick that was my mistake sorry guys.