Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dave's Weekly Jumpers and Slumpers

Dave Astles returns with the second issue of his weekly "Jumpers and Slumpers"

Like the players in my weekly review, my format for each week is going to be a little different. I like to give the readers something different to look at week after week. I will be lumping my jumpers and slumpers together into one big conglomeration of players, instead of the previous one which was by Conference. Call it lazy, but I call it essential space management engineering.


G – Mark Visentin – Niagara Ice Dogs - 1 win, .960 SV%, 2.01 GAA

In somewhat of a precarious position for a jumper this week, we see Mark Visentin who is quietly putting up some good numbers while his teammates fight over who can give up the most shots on any given shift. Mark faced 101 shots in 2 games. No, you are not blind. Unfortunately he could only muster up 1 victory. I feel like Mark would be a fantastic Hungry Hungry Hippos player with the amount of shots he had to gobble up this past weekend.

D – Cam Fowler – Windsor Spitfires – 1 buries, 4 apples

If you ever want to see Fowler outside of the rink just go to your locate fairgrounds and he’ll be the one selling the candy apples for 2 dollars. This kid seems like all he does is hand out apples all night long. 12 apples in 8 games… someone in Windsor is going to need a dentist visit pretty soon.

F – Tyler Seguin – Plymouth Whalers – 5 buries, 2 apples

Another very productive weekend for this Plymouth Whaler star. Not much to say about him other than the rest of his team better start helping him out or he’ll be burned out by the all-star break! No funny anecdotes on this one, sorry.

F – Alex Friesen – Niagara Ice Dogs – 3 buries, 4 apples

Alex called me after my first edition and asked me how he could become a jumper for the following week. I basically told him that to be a jumper you had to do the exact opposite of what you have been doing offensively for the last 2 years. He listened. Instead of thinking he was playing for the Jack Gatecliff in-house band from all the posts he’s hit, he decided to put some pucks in the net… and yes, there was a goalie in the net and only 5 players on the ice...Just kidding Alex, good to see you break out!

F – Chris MacKinnon – Kitchener Rangers – 3 buries, 3 apples

For someone of Chris’ stature, it’s always good to see positives in their game. A very productive weekend for this Kitchener Rangers forward ended with 3 goals and 3 assists in 2 games. It seems as though, if you are small and want to play some hockey, Kitchener is a good place to get it done!


F – John McFarland – Sudbury Wolves – 3 apples, -3 rating

In what started off as a promising weekend, John had 3 apples in his first game. Shortly there after in his second game, he shot blanks and dove below the 100th meridian with a -3 rating and no points in his second game. Gotta step it up if you want to be considered a top pick in 2010.

F – Zack Kassian – Peterborough Petes – 1 bury

This behemoth of a hockey player really needs to get it going, he was only able to register 1 lousy goal over this weeks games. There isn’t much else to do in the greater Peterborough area, might as well start scoring some goals, Zack! I’m sure the team that drafted you into the NHL wouldn’t mind either, although Buffalo isn’t that much more exciting so you might want to pull a Lindros and ask for a trade.


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