Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Sunday's Top 10

Hey everyone,

For next Sunday's Top 10, I'm taking requests from readers for something they'd like to see done. Feel free to post your idea as a comment below. I'll pick the best one to do for this Sunday, however I'll keep all ideas in mind for future Top 10's.



Nizar Messaoudi said...

Hey Brock, not sure if you have had the opportunity to watch a lot of the "true rookies" for next year, (i.e. guys who will be going into the league as 16 year olds, not Cam Fowler) but a top 10 players to watch for.
Alternately, you could make a top 10 2010 draft eligible watch list for the OHL. Some of this may have been covered under your top 92 born players, but seeing how they compare with the imports and some of the draft eligible 91s would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Brock,since the the draft is coming up,how about giving us a top 10 list on the biggest risers since the start of the year. Names most of us have not heard of but could in the 2/3 rounds.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic Forum, Congrats!
I'd love to see how some of the kids that were chosen high in the OHL 2008 draft are preforming now? We know about all the 1st rounders but hwo about 2nd.
Nick Quinn, Derek Hartwick, Tyler Mort, Jeff Braithwaiter, David Mazurek, David Searle. etc. Most of these guys are getting quality ice time now. Will they be drafted next spring to the NHL?